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Steven Chase






Summer 2011

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(Formerly called Nonprofit Leadership and Management)
Competency Areas Spring 2010 and earlier: EAO – Required; CB, EE, Cert, IND & RMC – Elective Competency Areas Fall 2010 and Spring 2011: Methods or electiveRestricted to Environmental Studies students. Others by written permission of instructor provided to the Registrar?s Office via Antioch email. This is an online course.Just as the human body requires healthy organs to function well, a social movement requires well-run nonprofit organizations made up of creative social entrepreneurs–innovative people who have ideas for creating a more sustainable, just, and fulfilling world. To take their great ideas to scale, social entrepreneurs also need to become effective organizational leaders who can foster their own and other people’s creativity, as well as manage time, money, emotions, and other people competently. This course will focus on such skills and explore how they can be combined to improve our personal effectiveness in creating growing, healthy, and successful nonprofit organizations that achieve important social goals and foster creative innovation. It will also include learning about the unique structures and role of nonprofit organizations in society and how their programs and organizational practices can be evaluated and made even more effective over time. This will involve each student designing and conducting a hands-on service learning project doing organizational evaluation research for a nonprofit organization of their choice. This class is an all online course requiring weekly student work and interaction on the class website from June 1 to August 15. Students will gain the greatest benefit if this course is taken concurrently with a summer internship with a nonprofit organization.