EDT 620: History & Practice of EFS

2010-06-17 -

Instructor changed. 4/5/10 – Restrictions changed.


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Elena Caldwell






Summer 2010

Meeting Schedule:

Sun 7/11 (1:00PM-4:59PM)
Mon 7/12 - 7/15 (8:00AM-4:59PM)


Competency Area: Theoretical & Philosophical Foundations of Education
Required of and restricted to students in the Educating for Sustainability 2010 cluster through May 31; open to other students on June 1.

This course is an introduction to Educating for Sustainability, providing an overview of the philosophical, historical, and theoretical underpinnings of EFS. We will study the evolution of EFS during the past quarter century as we clarify for ourselves the meaning of the terms “sustainability” and “educating for sustainability.” Beginning with a review of the historical initiatives and events that gave rise to EFS, we will explore the conceptual components of this field, while simultaneously considering our personal perspectives on them. Then we will turn our attention to the strategies and guidelines applied in the practice of EFS, gaining global perspective by researching implementation of EFS in a variety of contexts. Students can expect course work to include: reading, discussion, individual and group projects, reflective and expository writing, and oral presentations. For the final project in the course, each student will submit an overview and critique of an institution or curriculum as seen through an EFS lens.