EDT 533: Philosophy of Educ


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Peter Eppig






Spring 2011

Meeting Schedule:

Fri 1/21 (4:30PM-7:29PM)
Sat 1/22 (9:00AM-4:59PM)
Fri 2/11 (4:30PM-7:29PM)
Sat 2/12 (9:00AM-4:59PM)
Fri 3/4 (4:30PM-7:29PM)
Sat 3/5 (9:00AM-4:59PM)
Fri 3/25 (4:30PM-7:29PM)
Sat 3/26 (9:00AM-4:59PM)


CCompetency Area: Theoretical & Philosophical Foundations of Education
Required of and restricted to the Springfield 2010 cluster who entered in January 2010; others by written permission of the Program Director provided to the Registrar’s Office via Antioch email.

A basic assumption of this course is that every school person either has a conscious philosophy of education or behaves as if he or she has one. That is, not having a philosophy, the teacher follows set patterns of classroom organization, expectations of children?s behavior, curriculum, etc. which enforce purposes arrived at by someone else, or which were never intellectually formulated in the first place. Such a person lacks direction: when to support the system, when and how to challenge it, where to set personal limits on compromise? Through readings, discussion, introspection, and the comparison between ideals and experience, students will be expected to define personal systems of beliefs and operation compatible with their values and the state of their wisdom. American education will be examined from a social, political, and economic perspective, considering the impact of concurrent events in these realms on the structure and character of education from 1900 to the present.