EDR 694: Practicum-Curriculum


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Spring 2012

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Competency Area: Educational Research
Restricted to Autism Spectrum Disorders M.Ed Program students, and Experienced Educator students in the Teacher Leadership, Problem-Based Learning, & Educational Technology and Educating for Sustainability M.Ed concentrations.
All course work will be conducted on-line.

Each concentration within the Experienced Educators program provides multiple opportunities for students to apply their learning to their classroom. We know that teachers are constantly adapting and creating materials to capture their students’ interests and meet student learning goals set by the teacher, by the district or by state standards. The Curriculum Design practicum provides an intensive semester in which students will engage in a cycle of inquiry around the routine changes that they make as they teach. Working with their advisor, students will develop a question or set of questions about their curriculum work. Then using student work, observations of student learning, and whatever assessments are part of their normal teaching, they will evaluate the impact of their efforts on the students they teach. Emphasis will be placed on developing a regular cycle of inquiry that will allow teachers to more effectively, and honestly evaluate their own performance on a routine basis. Whenever possible, students will be encouraged to do this work in the context of whatever natural professional learning communities already exist in their schools and districts. Advisors will assist students with the development of a cycle of inquiry related to this project, visit classrooms and help students with observations and feedback, and help connect teachers with resources specific to the challenge they face.