EDR 620: Practicum-Equity & Change


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Fall 2012

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Competency Area: Educational Research/Educational & Social Policy}

In every learning environment everyday teacher decision-making has an impact on student learning. As sociologist Mica Pollack says in educational opportunity is distributed and withheld moment to moment. She also says, “We can ensure within our own schools and classrooms, necessary opportunities to learn and thrive are provided, and distributed equitably.” The goal of this practicum is to engage students’ in a cycle of inquiry around equity in their own teaching practice. Working with their advisor, students will reflect upon and identify important ways in which they might make their practice more equitable in terms of student learning outcomes and helping their students to thrive. They will investigate their own learning needs and equip themselves with additional resources and information that they may need to carry out these improvements in practice. Students will then begin implementation of their cycle of inquiry and reflect on the results of their efforts. Whenever possible, students will be encouraged to do this work in the context of whatever natural professional learning communities already exist in their schools and districts. Advisors will assist students with the development of a cycle of inquiry related to this project, visit classrooms and help students with observations and feedback, and help connect teachers with resources specific to the challenge they face.