EDP 616: Real World Sustainability


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Paul Bocko






Summer 2011

Meeting Schedule:

Tue 7/5 (9:30AM-4:59PM)
Wed 7/6 - 7/8 (8:00AM-4:59PM)
Sat 7/9 (8:00AM-12:59PM)


Competency Area: Educational & Social Policy
Required of and restricted to students in the Educating for Sustainability 2010 cluster through April 25; open to other students on April 26.

This course will focus on a systems-thinking approach to the design, implementation, and maintenance of institutional facilities. We will explore the integrated systems within a school which enable it to function and serve its community, and we will consider the larger municipal, national, and global systems in which schools are embedded, including ecological, economic, and social systems, as we investigate paths of resource use and waste management. Attention will also be given to the human resource structures designed to manage interrelated institutional systems, systems such as heating/cooling, food services, water, electrical, and grounds maintenance. Students will research green building initiatives. Applying what they learn to their own schools? practices, students will formulate recommendations to improve sustainable practice, noting the costs and benefits of doing so. Learning from this course may be integrated with and applied in both the practicum and Master’s project.