EDP 592: The Adolescent


69085 (for web registration)




Douglas Gerwin






Summer 2010

Meeting Schedule:

Mondays 7/12 - 7/26 (7:15PM-9:29PM)
Wednesdays 7/14 - 7/28 (7:15PM-9:29PM)


Competency Area: Educational & Social Policy
Restricted to finishing Waldorf students.
Note: Although this course is not required, M.Ed. students in non-certification tracts must complete a minimum of 4 credits of EDP courses, and should check their academic credit history before registering;

Beginning with reflections upon our own teenage years, we will explore the nature of adolescence – its physiology and psychology – and the social issues that are thrown into stark relief at this age. In the light of these explorations, we can then examine the unique ways in which the Waldorf high school curriculum, building on the elementary school program, is designed to meet the spiritual, psychological, and social needs of teenagers. The course will proceed in seminar format, starting with lectures that will frame the context for discussion. Students will be asked to make individual presentations on various social and psychological aspects of adolescent life and culture. Topics will include adolescent social development, different learning styles and disabilities, peer counseling and the changing role of parents, the teenagers’ needs for fashion, anonymity, loneliness and the telephone.