EDP 574: Collaborative Teaching


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Teri Young






Fall 2012

Meeting Schedule:

Sat 11/3 - 11/4 (9:00AM-4:29PM)


Competency Area: Curriculum (EDC)

As schools transition to models of inclusion, the need for general education teachers to collaborate effectively with special education teachers, specialists, and para-educators has become essential to the development of a positive classroom community. In inclusive settings, various adults provide services to children with special needs assigned to the general education classroom, and classroom teachers are responsible for the coordination of those services with classroom activities. Furthermore, teachers must develop meaningful and supportive partnerships with the parents of the students in their classrooms, including students with special needs. How can lead classroom teachers address the special interests of parents and service providers skillfully and effectively? How can they coordinate the diverse needs of all students in the classroom while building classroom community?

In this course we will develop our skills in the subtle art of collaboration and community building. Recognizing that positive relationships and skillful communication are at the heart of positive collaborations and community, we will identify and examine our abilities in these areas and build upon them. We will consider the perspectives of all members of our classroom communities and develop the skills to communicate professionally, with insight and compassion. In this course, we will become mindful practitioners — models and leaders in the practice of working together — who are able to balance the diverse needs of all students and adults in our classroom communities.