EDNC 008: The Oberufer Plays

2009-12-07 -

Class Meeting time changed Friday, December 11, and meeting on December 10 moved to on-campus location.


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Karine Munk Finser





Fall 2009

Meeting Schedule:

Fridays 10/2 - 10/30 (1:30PM-4:29PM)
Fridays 11/6 - 12/4 (1:30PM-5:29PM)
Fri 12/11 (4:00PM-7:59PM)
Sat 12/12 (9:00AM-2:59PM)
Tue 12/15 - 12/16 (10:00AM-2:59PM)
Thu 12/10 (4:00PM-7:59PM)


(formerly: The Oberufer Plays: Transformation through Drama)
Required of and restricted to Waldorf Students.

This course focuses on the value and transformative power of acting for the teaching profession. Students will learn skills in the artistic use of voice, gesturing and interpersonal interaction that are valuable on stage, in public speaking and storytelling and in many ways in the classroom. It will be tied in with the themes of the Waldorf curriculum. A major part of the course will be devoted to the rehearsal of a folk play from the Danube River village of Oberufer which will be performed by students at the end of the semester in the outside community. Participation in this course is required for all Waldorf students. Arthur Auer will be assistant producer.