EDL 629: The Learning-Centered School


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Frederic Gordon






Summer 2011

Meeting Schedule:

Wed 7/6 - 7/9 (8:00AM-11:59AM)


Competency Area: Leadership
Required of and restricted to students in the School Leadership & Administration 2011 Cluster (Summer Sequence) and Experienced Educator M.Ed. Principal Certification students (Central NH 2010 cluster).

This course will focus on the principal’s role as an instructional leader in learner and learning centered schools. We will explore models of curriculum design and delivery that respect teacher professionalism, inspire creativity and innovation and provide rich and powerful learning experiences for students. Special emphasis will be placed on the importance of understanding the developmental needs of all students and on recrafting existing models of instruction and assessment to emphasize more authentic, higher level learning, while attending to the specific needs of each child. This course also includes a required on-line component. Students should be prepared to spend additional time in the on-line environment in order to complete this requirement. This component will serve the dual purpose of enhancing our course work for this summer AND preparing students for their on-line learning experiences in the fall and the spring. There is also an online component for this course.