EDC 648: Early Childhood Education Pre-K-3rd


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Deborah Kardane






Spring 2012

Meeting Schedule:

Saturdays 2/4 - 2/11 (9:00AM-4:29PM)
Sat 3/3 (9:00AM-4:29PM)
Sat 3/24 (9:00AM-4:29PM)


Competency Area: Curriculum & Instruction
Required of and restricted to Early Childhood students; others by written permission of Program Director provided to the Registrar’s Office via Antioch email after January 3.

This course will focus on teaching and learning in the early childhood classroom (Pre-K to 3rd Grade). Throughout the years that children spend in educational settings, their successful learning is dependent not just on instruction, but on personal connections with important adults who support and facilitate their learning. It is through these connections that children develop not only academic skills but also positive learning dispositions and confidence in themselves as learners. Warmth and responsiveness in care-giving creates the conditions within which young children can explore and learn about their world. Good early childhood curriculum does not come out of a box or a teacher-proof manual. Teachers need to know, understand, and use a wide array of effective approaches, strategies, and tools to positively influence young children’s development and learning and need to recognize that every child constructs knowledge in personally and culturally familiar ways. In this course, students will consider the preceding in the design, implementation, and evaluation of meaningful, challenging curriculum that promotes comprehensive developmental and learning outcomes for all young children.