EDC 589: Waldorf Elementary Curriculum Sem II


69120 (for web registration)




Arthur Auer






Summer 2010

Meeting Schedule:

Mondays 7/12 - 7/26 (2:00PM-3:55PM)
Tuesdays 7/13 - 7/27 (7:25AM-8:40AM)
Wednesdays 7/14 - 7/28 (8:45AM-9:59AM)
Thursdays 7/15 - 7/29 (8:45AM-9:59AM)
Fridays 7/16 - 7/30 (8:45AM-9:59AM)
Thursdays 7/15 - 7/29 (4:00PM-5:55PM)


Competency Area: Curriculum & Instruction
Section A: Required of and restricted to Summer Sequence Advanced Waldorf students; others by written permission of Program Director provided to the Registrar’s Office via Antioch email.

How can teachers evolve the curriculum further for our changing children and cultural situations? In this course, students will renew and deepen their relationship to the core principles of the Waldorf way of teaching and learning and investigate how these find new applications in the art of educating today. Participants will also re-examine in the light of current research from various fields valuable practices such as recall and sleep learning that have been developed and time-tested in the Waldorf movement for over 90 years. The seminar format calls upon participants to share their practical experiences and mature insights around key areas of inquiry as well as the results of individual research. The course will be specially tailored to the grade and subject needs and interests of students. Required reading: Education for Adolescence, by Steiner.