EDC 572: Elementary School Science I


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David Sobel






Summer 2012

Meeting Schedule:

Mon 6/18 - 6/22 (1:00PM-4:29PM)


Competency Area: Curriculum & Instruction
Restricted to Integrated Learning Elementary teacher certification students who plan to be doing an at-a-distance internship in fall 2012 through April 20; (it must be taken in conjunction with Elementary School Science II SIS offered in fall 2012); open to other Education or Environmental Studies students on April 21. Elementary School Science I can be taken by itself (no requirement to take Elementary School Science II SIS) by students in the Experienced Educator program or by Environmental Studies students. Science in elementary schools is more than reading the chapter and answering the questions. Observations, hands-on investigations, nature experiences and children’s literature can all provide starting points for developmentally appropriate science curriculum. By ?doing what scientists do?, we will experience elementary science first hand and explore ways to initiate science with children. We will also explore building a connection between science inquiry and mathematical problem solving. Topics may include pendulums, stream studies, clay boats, design technology and bridge-building. We will examine diverse science curriculum materials such as TOPS, GEMS, ESS, MacDonald 5/13 and AIMS and reflect on the current issues and theoretical debates in science education involving pedagogy and standards.