EDC 559C: Waldorf Elementary Curriculum Seminar


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Signe Motter






Summer 2010

Meeting Schedule:

Mondays 7/12 - 7/26 (2:00PM-3:55PM)
Tuesdays 7/13 - 7/27 (7:25AM-8:40AM)
Wednesdays 7/14 - 7/28 (8:45AM-9:59AM)
Thursdays 7/15 - 7/29 (8:45AM-9:59AM)
Fridays 7/16 - 7/30 (8:45AM-9:59AM)
Fridays 7/16 - 7/30 (2:00PM-3:55PM)


Competency Area: Curriculum & Instruction
Restricted to continuing Summer Sequence Waldorf students; others by written permission of Program Director provided to the Registrar’s Office via Antioch email.

This advanced seminar builds on the course Human Development and the Waldorf Curriculum and focuses on essential aspects of Waldorf methods in the main lesson curriculum of grades 1-8. Particular attention is devoted to the key principles involved in the art of class teaching. Students will learn ways to creatively and economically transform knowledge into age appropriate lessons and experiential learning. The seminar will emphasize a question and discussion format and enable participants to share practical experiences and insights. It will assist students in developing curriculum strategies, block plans, research and resources for future implementation. It will be specially tailored to the grade and subject needs and interests of the participants and individualized advice will be given by the instructor. At the same time the course will address and interrelate these specific areas and details always in the context of a subject’s whole development over the eight years. Required Reading: Rudolf Steiner, Practical Advice to Teachers; Discussions with Teachers