EDC 521: Professional Learning Communities


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Summer 2011

Meeting Schedule:

Mon 7/11 - 7/15 (8:00AM-4:59PM)


Competency Area: Curriculum & Instruction
Required of and restricted to students in the School Leadership & Administration 2011 Cluster (Summer Sequence) and the July starting Experienced Educator M.Ed. Principal Certification students (Central NH 2010 cluster).

Based on the model of School Reform Initiative (formerly National School Reform Faculty), this course will train all our certification candidates to be Critical Friends Group (CFG) Coaches, with an emphasis on how to be a leader in a school that consciously uses this model of professional development as the primary mechanism for promoting the cycle data-driven inquiry, professional growth, communication, and accountability. Following this training, principal certification candidates will serve as CFG coaches for a full year at their internship sites, thereby gaining a year of practical experience in leading a professional development initiative. The work at their schools will include observations of staff, giving and receiving feedback, examination of curricula, data, student work and assessment. This course will also explore the subtle and essential art of facilitative leadership and the importance of developing facilitative skills in order to be an effective administrator at any level.