ANE 690: SIS-No Contract Submtd


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Fall 2012

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If you are planning an independent study, please register for ANE 690 Section A on myAntioch. (Please refer to the registration guide on the ANE website for assistance in registering for uncredited courses). An SIS contract must then be submitted to the Registrar’s Office by mid-semester add deadline (see academic calendar for specific date) in order for it to appear on your schedule or transcript, and to have credits assigned. Please be sure to specify on the contract if the SIS will be used to fulfill a competency area or serve as a required course substitute, or as an elective. Contracts received after the mid-semester add/drop deadline will be returned to you for registration in a subsequent semester (additional costs may apply). Credits will not appear on your schedule until the SIS contract(s) has been submitted to the Registrar’s Office, thus affecting your enrollment status and perhaps your financial aid eligibility.

students’ planning on two independent studies during the term should register for both Sections A & B.