Clinical Psychology Course Selection Instructions Summer 2011

Please Note: Doctoral program classes will begin Monday, June 6 and run through Monday, July
18, 2011.
There are no classes Monday, July 4.
Registration on myAntioch will open for Clinical
Psychology students on Wednesday, April 12.

Students should be especially careful when preparing to register. Please read carefully the
instructions for your year and register accordingly. If your class sections are assigned by your
department, they will be provided to you prior to registration.

In considering whether to register for an elective weekend course, students should be mindful of
the credit limits in the program. The following schedule lists the credit minimums and maximums
per academic year.

Registration Minimums and Maximums

In order to maintain full-time status in the PsyD program, students must maintain the following credit load over the academic year ; Summer, Fall and Spring:

Registration (Per Year) Min Max
while on practicum (per year) 30 32
while on internship (per year) 24 26

Year II Students

Year II students should register for:

Year III Students

Year III students should register for:

Year IV Students

Year IV students should register for:

Year V+ (Degree Candidates No Longer in Residence)

Fall 2007 enterers who are becoming Year V+ students should register for PY 899, Doctoral Dissertation.

Dissertation Registration

All Year V+ students need to register for one semester of PY 899 Doctoral Dissertation (Section A), and then for PY 899C Doctoral Dissertation Continuation (Section A) each semester thereafter until your dissertation is accepted by the faculty and deposited with the department. Both Dissertation and Dissertation Continuation are uncredited. The dissertation fee for the Summer 2011 semester is $1500. Please refer to the registration guide for assistance in registering for uncredited courses.

Internship Registration

Students beginning or continuing an internship (a total of 1,800 hours is
required) should also register for PY 897 Sec A Internship, which is uncredited. The internship
fee for Summer 2011 is $200. Please refer to the registration guide for assistance in registering
for uncredited courses policy. If your dissertation has already been deposited, register only for
PY 897, Internship.


Students who believe they have already mastered the material and skills offered by any course
they would normally be required to take will need to see both their advisor and the instructor of
the course to explore the possibility of a waiver. You must have covered at least 75 percent of the
Antioch course material to be considered for a waiver.

Waivers do not carry transfer of credit. Students who have courses waived still need to take
the minimum of 30 semester credit hours (24 for students doing uncredited internships) in an
academic year, in addition to meeting the minimum distribution requirements in each competency
area. Please see the Student Handbook on the Antioch New England website for details.

Waivers do not relieve you of the obligation of dropping a course for which you have registered.
You must meet the official drop deadline (please see the drop deadlines listed on the academic
calendar and/or the Student Handbook posted on the Antioch New England website) to drop the
waived course from your schedule.

Continuing Education Students

A limited number of continuing education seats may be available to post-master’s degree (in
psychology or related field) people in the community or at field sites with permission of the
Director of Student Affairs, if space is available.

Antioch students who have completed all their work for their master’s degree before the course
begins may also register if space is available.

Course Schedule


9:00 am – 1:15 pm

PYC 702 Psychotherapeutic Intervention III: Group
(Sections A & B)

PYC 708 Psychotherapeutic Intervention IV:
Special Topics in Intervention
(Section A)

PY 772 Psychology in the Community (Section A)

2:30 – 6:45 pm

PY 710 Biological Foundations of Clinical Psychology (Section A)

PY 702 Historical & Social Context of Psychology (Section A)

PY 751 Psychopathology I (Section A)

Weekend Courses(Meet 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, unless otherwise noted)

June 11 & 12

PY 868 Writing Workshop II (Section A)

PYC 707 Psychotherapy with Lesbians, Gay Men, Bisexuals and Transgender/
Transsexual People
(Section A)

June 18 & 19

PY 792 Intake Interviewing Skills (Section A)

PY 867 Supervising Exp Teaching Clinical Psychology (Section A)

June 25 & 26

PYC 705 Dialectical Behavior Therapy (Section A)

PY 863 Writing Workshop I (Section A)

July 9 & 10

PYC 735 Infant Mental Health (Section A)

Courses without Scheduled Meetings

PY 898 Advanced Practicum (Section A)

PY 899 Doctoral Dissertation (Section A)

PY 899C
Doctoral Dissertation Continuation
(Section A)

PY 896 Internship (Section A)

PY 897 Internship (Section A)

PY 892B
(Section A)

PY 893B
(Section A)

PY 894A
(Section A)

ANE 890
SIS: Supervised Independent Study

PY 894C
Special Proficiency Practicum
(Section A)