Environmental Studies Course Selection Instructions Summer 2008

Please Note: Master’s level Environmental Studies classes begin the week of June 2 and run through Fri., July 20. *Some classes may meet prior to, or run later than these program dates. No classes will be held on Fri., July 4.

IMPORTANT: It is important that you register according to the instructions listed for your program and year of entry. Priority registration, which will take place from April 15-May 8, is given according to these criteria. After May 8, most course registration restrictions will be lifted.

Note: If you are unable to gain entry into a course during April 15-May 8, please try and register again after May 8.

If you are going to make alterations to the suggested sequence of courses for your entry date and program, you should meet with your advisor to discuss these changes and how they may affect your ability to fulfill degree requirements in the future. Careful course planning is necessary to avoid registering and paying for additional semesters, and incurring additional tuition and fees.

Credit Maximums: The academic credit maximum for the Summer semester is 8 credits. If your program plan warrants exceeding this maximum, you must seek permission for a credit override from your academic advisor, which will take place after the initial registration period, beginning May 9, on a space available basis. This authorization is to be provided to the Registrar’s Office via FirstClass.

All courses listed below are Required unless listed as a Required Alternate (Req Alt) which means you have a choice whether to take this or another course designated in your program track. To avoid scheduling conflicts, please check section choices carefully.

Competency Areas

The course numbering scheme used in the Environmental Studies Master’s programs identifies the competency area(s) each course will fulfill for each major:

Prefix Meaning
ES Environmental Studies-General
ESE Environmental Science Education
ESF Natural Communities (2 and 3 credit courses)
ESP Civic Ecology (3 credit courses only and must specify “Civic Ecology” in competency area.)
ESP* Environmental Policy electives-*2 credit courses
ESS Biosphere Science (3 credit courses only and must specify “Biosphere Science” in the competency area.)

Students Who Entered Fall 2007

Environmental Advocacy and Organizing

Conservation Biology

and one of the following:

Resource Management and Conservation

and one of the following:

Environmental Education

General Science and Biology Teacher Certification

Individualized Program

and one of the following:

Course Schedule


*ESF 525 Alpine Flora (Section A)
(Pre-trip meeting June 11; study trip Sat.-Wed., June 21-25)


*ESF 547 Field Entomology (Section A)
(June 5-26 and Sat., June 28, 8am-5:30pm)

ES 520 Advanced Statistics (Section A)
(June 5-July 10)

*ESS 558 Forest Ecosystem Analysis (Section A)

(Pre-trip meetings June 12 & 26; study trip Sun.-Thur., July 13-17)

*ESP 599 Land Protection & Stewardship (Section A)
(Thur. & Fri., June 19-20, 6-9pm, and Sat.-Sun., June 21-22, 8am-5pm)

*ESX 601 Group Dynamics and Leadership I (Section A)
(Thur.-Fri., June 5-6, 6-9pm, and Sat.-Sun., June 7-8, 8:30am-5:30pm)


ESF 521 Wetlands Flora (Section A)
(June 6 – July 18)

ESP 549 Water Resource Policy (Section A)
(June 6 – July 18)

*ESX 601 Group Dynamics and Leadership I (Section A)
(Thur.-Fri., June 5-6, 6- 9pm, and Sat.-Sun., June 7-8, 8:30am-5:30pm)

*ESP 599 Land Protection & Stewardship (Section A)

(Thur.-Fri. June 19-20, 6- 9pm, and Sat.-Sun., June 21-22, 8am-5pm)

*ESF 542 Coastal Ornithology (Section A)
(Pre-trip meetings June 13 & 27, and study trip July 12-16)

Weekend, Intensives and Irregular Course Meeting Schedule

(All courses meet 9am-4:30pm unless otherwise noted)

May 29-June 1
ESF 517 Soils: Mapping and Interpretation (Section A)
(Thur.-Sun., 8:30am-4:30pm)

June 2, 3, 4 and June 9, 10, 11
*ESS 579 Wildlife Research Techniques (Section A)
(*Mon., June 2, and Wed., June 11, 8:30-11am Tue. & Wednesdays, June 3 & 4, and
Mon. & Tue., June 9 & 10, 5:30am-3pm)

June 2-6
EDC 550A Integrated Arts II-Circus Dreams (Section B) (1- 4:30pm)
EDC 618 From Sheep to Shawl (Section B) (8:30am-12pm)

June 3, 10, 17and June 7, 14, 21
*ESS 564 Biological Concepts for Educators (Section A)
(Tuesdays June 3, 10, 17, 6-9pm, and Sat.s, June 7, 14, 21 , 9-3pm)

June 5-8
*ESX 601 Group Dynamics and Leadership I (Section A)
(Thur.-Fri., June 5-6, 6- 9pm, and Sat.-Sun., June 7-8, 8:30am-5:30pm)

June 7-8
EDP 631 Behind the Label (Section B)

June 9-13
EDC 528 Ecology of Imagination (Section B) 12-4pm

June 14-17
*ESE 523A Environmental Education Methods: Teaching in the Outdoors (Section A)
(Sat.-Mon., 8-2pm, and *Tue. June 17, 5-10:30pm)

June 15-18
*ESF 541 Introduction to Wetlands: Ecological Principles (Section A)
(Sun.-Mon., 3-8pm, Tue., 8am-3pm, and Wed. 8am-5pm, trip to seacoast)

June 16-20
EDC 669 Picture Books in the Classroom (Section B) (8:30am-12pm)
EDC 532A Storytelling (Section B) (1- 4:30pm)

June 19-22
*ESP 599 Land Protection & Stewardship (Section A)

(Thur. & Fri., June 19 & 20, 6-9pm, and Sat. & Sun., June 21 & 22, 8am-5pm)

June 21-25
*ESF 525 Alpine Flora (Section A)
(Study trip) (Pre-trip meetings June 11, 6-9pm)

June 22, 24, 25 and 30
ESS 521 Environmental Physics for Educators (Section A)
(Sun., Tue., Wed., and Mon., 9am-4pm, Brattleboro Middle School, VT)

June 23-27
EDC 515 The Civil War Quest (Section B) 1:30-4:30pm

June 29-July 3
*ESE 528 EE Methods: Interpretation and Exhibit Design (Section A)
(Pre-trip meeting, Sun., June 29, 9am-4pm (Antioch campus) Mon.-Tue., June 30-July 1, 9am-5pm (Boston trip) and Wed.-Thur., July 2-3, 9am-4pm (Antioch campus))

June 30-July 3
EDC 667 Digital Imaging for the Classroom (Section B) 8am-12pm
EDC 624 First Six Weeks of School (Section B) 8am-12pm
EDC 611 Problem-based Learning (Section B) 1-5pm
EDC 529 Place-based Social Studies (Section B) 1-5pm

July 13-17
*ESS 558 Forest Ecosystem Analysis (Section A) (Study trip)

(Pre-trip meetings Thursdays, June 12 & 26, 6-9pm)

July 12-16
*ESF 542 Coastal Ornithology (Section A) (Study trip)
(Pre-trip meetings June 13 & 27, 6:30-9:30pm)

*Note: Courses have varied meeting dates and/or times. Please be sure to check the individual course description for the complete meeting schedule.

On-line Intensives

ES 516 Non-Profit Leadership & Management (Section A) (see course description)

Courses with No Scheduled Meetings

ES 699A Master’s Project (Sections A-I)
ES 699B Master’s Project Continuation (Sections A-I)
ES 699C Master’s Thesis (Sections A-G)
ES 699D Master’s Thesis Continuation (Sections A-G)
ES 693 Practicum, General (Sections A-F)
ES 695 Thesis Research Practicum (Sections A-G)
ANE 690 Supervised Independent Study (Sections A & B)