Integrated Learning Course Selection Instructions Summer 2008

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All Arts & Humanities concentration and Science and Environmental Education concentration students who entered in Fall 2007 are required to register for the following courses:

and two credits from the following Social Studies courses*:

*Social Studies: Inquiry Approaches and the Core Curriculum
Social Studies methodology is presented as four separate courses. The four courses will be integrated in style and content, but the individual courses may be taken separately. Candidates for teacher certification are required to take as least two credits in Social Studies methodology, with at least one of them having a history focus.

Note: Integrated Learning students may register for a maximum of 8 credits in the Summer semester. Students wishing to exceed the maximum must have written permission of the Program Director, provided to the Registrar’s Office via FirstClass.

ES Electives
The Environmental Studies department has saved 1 seat for an education student in each of the following classes (please refer to course description for more information):

Courses with No Scheduled Meeting:
ED 694 Internship
ED 699B Master’s Project
ED 699C Master’s Project Continuation