OD Certificate Course Selection Instructions Spring 2008

Credit Limits
OD Certificate program students must register for all required courses for a maximum of 5 credits in the Spring semester. There are no elective credits required in the OD Certificate program.

Pre-Course Requirements
Many classes begin with pre-course assignments and/or online work prior to the first scheduled class meeting posted in the course descriptions. Pre-class assignments are posted in their respective course conference folder in FirstClass three to four weeks prior to the first scheduled meeting.

Course Restrictions
Under special conditions, and with permission in writing from the program director provided to the Registrar’s Office, students may register for Organization Development Certificate program courses on a space available basis after OD Certificate students have completed the registration process.

Prerequisites and Courses Requiring Permission
Special Students and students from other departments who wish to register for OD Certificate courses must meet prerequisites or provide evidence of equivalent coursework or experience to the program director. Any courses with prerequisites or requiring the permission of the instructor will be clearly marked as such in the course descriptions.

Course Schedule

Fridays 8:30am-5pm; Saturdays 8:30am-9pm; Sundays 8:30am-3pm

January 11-13 and February 8-10
OMOD 505“>OMOD 505 OD Consulting Skills (Section A)