Applied Psychology Course Selection Instructions Spring 2008

Students should be especially careful when preparing to register. Please read carefully the instructions for your year and register accordingly. If your class sections are assigned by your department, they will be provided to you prior to registration.

All students should refer to their state licensing regulations for specific course or internship requirements. Some states (Vermont, for example) specify all or most educational requirements be met within the degree program.

In considering whether to register for an elective workshop, students need to be mindful of the semester and/or program credit limits, which are listed below with each program’s registration instructions.

Courses Marked Restricted
Students should also be mindful of the process involved in signing up for courses marked “Restricted”. If a student is not a member of the group of people to whom a course is restricted, s/he may access registration to the course by obtaining written permission from the director of the program in which the course is offered. This authorization is to be provided to the Registrar’s Office via FirstClass prior to November 30.

The drop/add deadline for Spring 2008 semesterlong courses is Friday, February 1, 2008.

Instructions by Program

Applied Psychology Weekend Course Schedule

Classes meet 9am-5pm unless otherwise noted

Saturdays, 1/12, 2/2, 2/23, 3/15, 4/5 and Sunday, 4/27
PYI 545 Adv Assessmt & Intrvntn-Speech Lang Path (Section A)
PYI 541 Adv Counseling Interventions ASD (Section A)
PYI 546 Adv Educational Interventions ASD (Sections A)
PYI 549 Lower Functioning Individuals ASD (Section A)
PYI 550 Positive Behavioral Support in ASD (Section A)

Sundays, January 13 & February 3
PYI 539 Educational Interventions for ASD II (Sections A & B)

January 26 & 27
PY 599 Introduction to Psychodrama (Section A)

February 2 & 3
PY 510 Writing Skills for Counselors (Section A)

February 23 & 24
PY 563 Psychopharmacology of Substance Abuse (Section A)

Sundays, February 24 and March 16
PYI 543 Advocacy Applications in ASD/Aspergers (Sections A & B)

March 1 & 2
PYB 523 Psychopharmacology for Counselors (Section A)

March 8 & 9
PY 565 Religious Issues in Counseling & Therapy (Section A)

March 29 & 30
PY 524 Dialectical Behavior Therapy (Section A)

April 5 & 6
PY 572 Theories of Addiction (Section A)

Sunday, April 6 & Saturday, April 26
PYI 537 Work With Teens/Adults on the Spectrum (Sections A & B)

April 12 & 13
PY 555 Positive Psychology-Theory & Practice (Section A)
PYB 525 Clinical Applications of Psychopharmacology (Section A)

Courses without Scheduled Meetings
PY 693 Internship in Dance/Movement Therapy
PY 693B Internship Continuation
PYS 607 Multicultural Counseling Field Studies
PY 695A Internship Counseling (DMT)
PY 695D Internship Counseling (CMHC II & SA/AC II)
PY 696 Internship, Counseling (CPII & SA/AC II)
PY 697 Practicum in MFT (MFT I)
PY 698 Internship in MFT (MFT II)
ANE 690 SIS: Supervised Independent Study