Clinical Psychology Courses Fall 2004

PY 898
Advanced Practicum

Restricted to Year IV students.

An optional Practicum for Year IV students wishing to have extensive further clinical training for more than 12 hours per week, with a minimum of 300 hours per semester.

Section A: Lorraine Mangione
Credits: 3

PYC 716
Advanced Seminar: Advanced Projective Testing

Course Cancelled (08/23/04)
Competency Area: Assessment
Restricted to Year III and Year IV students.
Priority to Year IV students.

This course is meant for those students familiar with basic Rorschach who wish to gain more skill in using projective tests. Emphasis will be placed on the Exner Rorschach, with some attention also to the TAT and to coordinating data from projective tests with other data (such as from the Wechsler tests). Areas covered will include advanced scoring issues, interpretation of actual clinical protocols, and learning to present test data in useful language. The use of the Rorschach to address real world concerns, such as treatment planning, trauma, and forensic questions will also be addressed.

Section A: Diana Sholtz
Time: Mondays, 4:30 – 7:00 pm
Maximum: 12
Credits: 3

PY 740B
Advanced Seminar: Clinical Child Psychology