Psychological Services Center Faculty and Staff

PSC Faculty and Staff

We are staffed by a full-time director, faculty from Antioch University New England’s Department of Clinical Psychology, and ten doctoral student clinicians. The PSC is a model program in professional psychology emphasizing training, supervision and staying current with changes taking place in research and service delivery in the health care field.

Joy Guerriero, MEd, Administrative Director


Victor Pantesco, EdD, Clinical Director for Psychological Services

Dr. Pantesco was chief psychologist in an addictions hospital for 8 years, and continues in that area of expertise. Other interests and experience include treating anxiety, mood disorders, psychological trauma, and health psychology. He supervises students on the cardiac rehabilitation unit of the DHM Keene. He has been supervising students and clinicians for over 15 years. Read more about Dr. Pantesco.

Barbara Belcher-Timme, PsyD Clinical Supervisor

Dr. Belcher-Timme has been practicing psychotherapy and supervision since 1976. Her expertise is in the areas of bereavement, medical psychology, chemical dependency, mood disorders, eating disorders,and psychological trauma. She has a strong interest in using the therapeutic relationship in the here and now to foster change for the client and in teaching this to supervises. She has come to favor a transtheoretical approach in her work and training. She uses mindfulness and metaphysical principles in her clinical practice and teaching. After serving in several clinical director positions, she has maintained a generalist outpatient practice for 25 years treating all ages.
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Kathi Borden, PhD, Parent Consultation Coordinator

Dr. Borden specializes in understanding and treating child, adolescent, parenting, and family issues. She has supervised doctoral students in outpatient mental health and counseling centers for over 20 years. She has considerable research and treatment experience with children and adolescents with attention deficit disorder and with people infected with or affected by AIDS and HIV. Her students are available to consult with those working in schools and other youth programs, and to present information on a variety of topics to teachers, parents, and students.
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Jim Fauth, PhD Clinical Supervisor

Dr. Fauth is particularly interested is the relational matrix in therapy and its influences on psychotherapy process and outcome. He supervises and conducts therapy training in the Clinic; his current psychotherapy training model is designed to increase the therapeutic responsiveness of therapists through the joint action of mindful awareness and empathetic attunement in the context of critical client markers. In addition, he oversees the Clinic’s clinical outcome and feedback system.
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Susan Hawes, PhD Assessment Coordinator and Supervisor

Dr. Hawes has specialized in psychological and psychoeducational assessments since she began her doctoral training 28 years ago. Prior to assuming her responsibilities as supervisor and assessment coordinator here seven years ago, she provided psychological and psychosocial assessments in her private practices for schools and social service agencies in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.
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Martha Straus, PhD Clinical Supervisor

Dr. Straus has worked as a therapist since 1980. Although she maintains a general practice, also treating adults and couples, she has a particular interest in child, adolescent, and family therapy. Dr. Straus has a further specialization in child forensic psychology working with complexly traumatized children, adolescents, and emerging adults contending with attachment, custody, and permanency issues. She has been providing clinical supervision for over 20 years.
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George Tremblay, PhD Clinical Supervisor

Dr. Tremblay has particular clinical expertise in work with troubled families, parenting issues, and anxiety and depression among children and adults. He has designed, delivered, and evaluated parenting programs for high conflict families in several states, and has been involved in training and supervision of therapists in our Clinic for six years. Read more about Dr. Tremblay.