PSC Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Antioch Psychological Services Center (PSC) Assessment Training Program?

The PSC is a training clinic for our doctoral students in clinical psychology. Assessment trainees are under the supervision of Susan Hawes, PhD, professor in the Clinical Psychology Department and a licensed psychologist in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Dr Hawes has expertise in psychological, educational, and cognitive assessment. She is involved from start to finish in every individual assessment performed here, and signs each report along with the assessment clinician. Our referrals come from residents in the Keene area, private schools, colleges, local mental health clinicians, and New Hampshire forensic and social service institutions.

What is an assessment?

Through the use of a variety of standard psychological assessment measures, we will attempt to answer the questions that have brought you to the PSC. These questions typically concern learning disabilities, academic achievement or job performance, and/or personality functioning and coping styles. The final product of the assessment process is a comprehensive report, which will be discussed with you in person by your assessment clinician. Throughout the assessment process you have the right to inquire about the nature or purpose of all procedures. You also have the right to know the test results, interpretations and recommendations. Your assessment records and report are strictly confidential, unless you have directed us in writing to provide a report or consultation to another individual (typically, a school or college official responsible for special learning accommodations, physician, or therapist).

How long does testing take?

The interview and testing session take anywhere from eight to twelve hours and is usually split into two or up to four sessions. The assessment process generally involves an clinical interview followed by the administration of relevant psychological tests and checklists. Although it is sometimes possible to complete the testing procedure in one sitting, it is most common for people to be asked to return for more sessions. The number of testing sessions depends upon your availability, the clinician’s schedule, and, in the case of a child assessment, the tolerance for the demands of testing itself.

In most cases, the PSC sends out packets to be completed, by the client and/or his or her parent/guardian. The packet contains an Informed Consent/Permission to Test form and one or more self-report forms. This information is to be completed and returned to PSC before testing begins. Failure to return the packet prolongs the scheduled date for testing and could result in our having to reschedule the first testing session.

When will I get the results?

Once testing is completed, the data will be scored and analyzed, followed by the production of a comprehensive written report. Your clinician will send you a copy of the report and schedule an appointment during which the clinician can clarify the results, answer any questions you may have, and make necessary corrections to the background information you provided. You will generally receive your results within 6-8 weeks after completion of testing, if your assessment was for psychoeducational purposes. Psychological or diagnostic assessments typically take about 5-6 weeks from the end of testing. We are a training clinic therefore our reports on average take a little longer to produce than other professional assessments, because of the added meticulous editing and review by Dr. Hawes.

How much does it cost?

The standard fee for a psychoeducational or ADHD assessment battery at the PSC is $650. The fee for psychological/diagnostic assessments is $400. We ask that you pay your fee in full at your initial appointment. We accept Mastercard, Visa and Discover credit cards. Questions concerning the fee or the payment policy should be discussed with your clinician before the assessment process begins. Full payment for the assessment must be paid in full no later than the last day of testing.

Can you bill my insurance?

We do not directly bill insurance companies. Our experience is that insurance companies generally do not pay for psychoeducational testing, but we will be happy to provide the documentation necessary for you to bill them.

How do I arrange for testing?

Call Joy Guerriero, Administrative Coordinator at PSC, 603-352-1024. She will complete a referral form, which includes demographic information plus the reason you are requesting an assessment.
After the referral form is complete, it will be assigned to a clinician. That clinician will contact you within 1 week after your initial contact to schedule testing.

Do I need to do anything before testing can begin?

We ask that clients provide us with certain information before testing can begin. A selection of self-report forms will be mailed to you that will need to be completed and brought in for the first testing session. We also ask that, where relevant, academic records be procured. This information is often crucial to the evaluation process because it provides valuable background information.