Group Therapy

Group sessions offer individuals an opportunity to investigate their experiences with the support of their peers, who often share similar concerns. Like individual therapy, groups are designed to help people grow and develop, become more effective, examine interpersonal problems and stresses, and address unique, situational and environmental concerns. The dynamics of group therapy create an excellent opportunity to focus on interpersonal interactions and relationship problems.

Members are chosen based on their ability to benefit from this form of intervention and the possibility that they might positively influence others in the group.

Past groups have focused on the following topics:

  • Interpersonal Group
  • Men’s Group
  • Women’s Group
  • Parenting Group
  • Parents of ADHD Children Group
  • Anger Management Group
  • Self-Image Group (No Bodies Perfect)
  • Eating Disorders Group

For information regarding current groups being offered, call 603-352-1024 during office hours.