What you talk about with your clinician is private and will not be revealed outside this clinic without your permission. Before any information is shared with other professionals or agencies, we would request a written release from you.

The only exceptions to this policy are rare situations in which we are required by law to release information with or without your permission. These exceptions include:

  1. If there is evidence of physical and/or sexual abuse of children, or abuse of the elderly;
  2. If we judge that you are in danger of harming yourself or another individual; or
  3. If we are required to furnish your records by court order.

In the rare event of any of these situations, we would attempt to discuss our intentions with you before an action is taken, and we would limit disclosure of confidential information to the minimum necessary to insure safety.

The Psychological Services Center policy follows State laws and Federal laws, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability act of 1996 (HIPAA); therefore, unauthorized disclosures may result in disciplinary action. In addition, disclosing, accessing, or permitting access to confidential Protected Health Information (PHI) without proper authorization may also subject the violator to civil and/or criminal penalties for violation of state laws and HIPPA. Billing and financial management information is also to be held in strict confidence and is not to be disclosed without the specific permission of the client. The only exceptions are those outlined in the client’s consent form.