Property Tax Exemption for Renewable Energy Systems

Information below from the OEP web site:

Renewable energy property tax exemption. NH RSAs 72:61-72 permit cities and towns to offer exemptions from local property taxes for certain renewable energy installations. These include solar thermal (for example, to heat water), solar photovoltaic (to generate electricity), wind (to generate electricity) and central wood-fired heating systems (not stoves or fireplaces).

67 cities and towns have adopted one or more renewable energy property tax exemptions as of 2007. Please consult local officials for current renewable energy tax exemption status.

If your city or town does not currently offer such exemptions, see procedures for adopting local property tax exemptions. Note: Local officials may be unaware of exemptions, as the exemptions may have been adopted as long as 30 years ago.

If you live in a city or town that offers exemptions and you have an installation that qualifies, you may apply for an exemption by completing the NH Department of Revenue Administration Form PA-29.

OEP recommends that homeowners and municipal officials consult the NH Department of Revenue Administration with any questions regarding the renewable property tax exemption laws and their application.