72 North Hinsdale Rd, Chesterfield, NH

Sugarbush Hill ~ in Chesterfield, 11 miles west of Antioch. Long-time house-sharing for many Antioch students.  Two large, sunny private rooms (1 w/ loft) for two students in a separate wing of a restored 1800′s farmhouse on quiet dirt road. Shared meals, large organic garden, orchard, sugaring, chickens, good company, guests, forestry projects, pond, ski trails, waterfall on 60 acres near Pisgah Park. b Fully furnished rooms, shared washer/dryer, WiFi, storage, freezer, and more.

From $400/month, plus food & utilities. Rooms available in August, but some flexibility.

Contact Tim and Kay: mail@kktb.net, 603/363-8076, for visit and interview.


  • Price: $400/mo + utilities 
  • Bedrooms:
  • Phone Number: (603) 363-8076 
  • Name: Tim Butterworth 
  • E-mail: mail@kktb.net 
  • Date Available: 8/1/14