5 School Street, Harrisville, NH

This is a furnished home in an historic village center 12 miles from Keene.after 15 years of renting this home to antioch graduate students for 10 months of the year we started to use the home 5 months of the year(past 5 years) so stopped renting.Now we plan to go back to renting during the year(this year from sept 29 2014 to june 30 2015 but next year from oct 1 to june 30).That would be a 9 month rental in 2015 and for continuing renters,there is room to store your belongings during the summer hiatus. Call or email to set a time to see the house.We arrive in NH on june 8th so will be ready to show the house a few days later.We prefer to rent to no more than 2 people and no dogs.You can see a photo of the house on the historic harrisville website under “cheshire mills cottage”

  • Address: Harrisville, New Hampshire 


  • Price: rent negotiable 
  • Bedrooms:
  • Phone Number: (626) 390-7555 
  • Name: Elizabeth Lord 
  • E-mail: lord@ucr.edu 
  • Date Available: 09/29/2014