42 Pine Street, Keene, NH

This is a real deal for someone.  The rent is listed at $740, but I’ll rebate $100/month to a person willing to be quiet and walk softly from midnight to 8AM making it $640, the last tenant made an effort and has always gotten the rebate. References required. No pets.

This small apartment retains the charm and quaintness of an older apartment. Some of the doors are circa 1860, and trim in the kitchen, dining area is reminiscent of Art Deco. New paint, nice NH cherry cabinetry; antique wide pine board floors; new flooring in the kitchen; dining area; a small but clean and decent bathroom; a walk-in closet and a pantry closet.

A possible negative for some is the small bedroom. It fits a full-sized or Queen mattress and not much more, if you have King mattress, this is not for you. (That’s a sleeping bag, not a mattress in the photo if you use the linked photos). It’s an ideal apartment for one, and also ideal for a close couple. I found the small bedroom rather cozy and quiet when I lived there. A major positive is that it has radiant underfloor heat, which is just luscious. You pay for oil heat which comes to about 28 gallons a month x 12 months. However, the heat provides hot water, so you save about $45 a month over most other apartments since almost all apartments in Keene have electric hot water.
The house (a triplex) is totally non-smoking, that includes guests anywhere on the property. If you feel that is restrictive, it’s not for you.

The living room is fairly large, and will either have new carpet, or if you prefer and I agree, I’ll leave the antique wide pine board floors uncovered. The kitchen/dining area is large and sunny. It has a walk-in closet that’s nice


  • Price: $740/mo + utilities 
  • Bedrooms:
  • Phone Number: 503-753-6764 
  • Name: Juliet Genayas 
  • E-mail: keenenearsquare@gmail.com 
  • Date Available: 4/1/14