Mindy Mueller, PsyD '01

Clinical Psychology
"The study is designed to show how people who have mental retardation, who aren't criminally involved, do on these tests. It's a big study. No one has ever done it."

Program Manager
The Guidance Center, Inc.
Santa Catalina Island, Avalon, California
Undergraduate: Wheaton College
Graduate School: Boston and Syracuse Universities

What has been your most exhilarating professional experience so far?
At the end of my internship, my director asked me to name my dream job. I told him I wanted to develop mental health resources and run a small clinic in a community in need of services (preferably near water). He told me to draw up a proposal! With a lot of support from the administration, I developed a clinic on Catalina Island in California. Before the Avalon clinic, residents had to travel to the mainland for services; we now serve fifty families on the island.

How did AUNE prepare you for life after graduation?
I learned a lot through my coursework, but I also gained practical research skills, learned how to create a needs assessment, and developed community mental health programs. The mentorship of the faculty and experience working on faculty members’ projects gave me the practical experience I needed to be successful.

What advice do you have for new Antioch students?
One of the best places to relax, breathe, and de-stress is along the path near the Ashuelot River or the bike paths. The best place for good food is Donna’s, of course (AUNE’s on-campus kitchen), and Brewbaker’s is great for coffee.