Marilyn Wyzga, MS '88

Environmental Education

Passion, dedication and interdisciplinary, collaborative approaches: The AUNE Edge at Work

Marilyn’s leadership has influenced the work of the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, the board of directors of Wild Ones (a nonprofit organization promoting biodiversity and environmentally sound practices using native species), and the New England Environmental Education Alliance (NEEEA). In fact, NEEEA honored Marilyn in 2007 by naming her New England’s Non-Formal Environmental Educator of the Year.

Other accomplishments include helping to launch the New Hampshire Children in Nature Coalition, the development of a statewide summer teacher institute, and serving as the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department’s exhibit designer.

Marilyn Wyzga embodies the passion, dedication and interdisciplinary, collaborative approaches demanded to creatively solve environmental challenges we face today. Her efforts are transforming landscapes and mindscapes, as she facilitates habitat restoration and addresses issues of ecological literacy in communities throughout New England and beyond.