Liz Rogers, PsyD Student

Clinical Psychology
I got to see that I could make a living as a musician.. But did I really want to?"

A Musical Life

Liz Rogers, a second-year student, left full-time professional singing and songwriting to study clinical psychology.  It was a career she began at age nine, with the New York City Opera and the Metropolitan Opera companies. She didn’t start writing songs, though, until 2000.

Seeking a big adventure after earning her degree in massage therapy, she was headed for India but stopped in Scotlandfor nine years. She lived at the Findhorn ecovillage, farming, cooking, and running a theater.  She also released two albums of her music: One Fine Day, and Breathe & Begin. A folksinger, Liz plays guitar and sings, in a style much like Joan Baez and Judy Collins.

She came back to the United States in 2009 to devote herself full time to singing and songwriting.   I realized I had to give it a shot or I would never forgive myself, she said. She hit the road and the New York subways; she drove back and forth across the country, playing gigs and giving singing workshops. Those few years taught her something important. I got to see that I could make a living as a musician, she said. I’m so glad to know that I can do it. But did I really want to? The thought of spending years constantly driving just didn’t seem sustainable.

Talent for Listening

Liz’s next stop: AUNE’s Clinical Psychology program. I was always interested in psychology and how the mind works how we feel about ourselves and each other affects our lives so much. And I’ve always been interested in people and listening to them. I thought ‘I’m always going to be listening to people, so why not get paid for it?’ She’s learning Spanish because she may eventually work with Spanish-speaking immigrants.

I’m happy to uncouple money from music, Liz said. But she continues to perform (check out her website:   Elizabeth Rogers), and has started a vocal quartet in Bellows Falls, Vermont, where she lives. She also leads Taizé singing on Cape Cod and elsewhere.