Laura Copland, MA, LCMHC '89

Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Director of Behavioral Health

Disaster Services, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
State of Maryland

What is your current professional role?

As director of Behavioral Health Disaster Services for the State of Maryland, I am responsible for helping community mental health centers develop all-hazards plans for behavioral health. In my first year, I developed a collaboration between the Maryland National Guard, Maryland Defense Force, and the State, providing training to licensed mental health volunteers to work with National Guard families during the period of time a service member is deployed. This collaboration is now being considered as a national model.

How was your Antioch University New England experience most valuable?

I always felt encouraged to take my excitement and passion and develop it. I can easily say that my Antioch education gave me all the basic tools I needed to begin working with confidence and skill.