Laetitia Geoffroy-Dallery, PsyD Student

Clinical Psychology

A Passion for Performing

Laetitia Geoffroy-Dallery, a second-year PsyD student, sang gospel and rock and performed on the stage in her native France. But it took her a while to start singing again after she came to the United States. She first visited, at age 16, on an exchange program with Beverly (Massachusetts) High School. Enamored with Boston, she returned when she was 21 to go to an international school, work as a tour guide and a receptionist, and, eventually, earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology at Harvard University. There, she also studied musical theater and reignited her love of performing. With some classmates, she formed the Prince Street Cabaret, which gives a performance each spring.

When Laetitia went looking for a doctoral program, AUNE was the only program to which she applied because, she said, she wanted to be educated as a therapist – not a researcher. She plans to get into couples and sex therapy, to work with survivors and perpetrators of sexual assault, and to open her own practice.

Why choose therapy? Why not a music career? I want to keep it a passion without having to worry about performing every night, Laetitia said. I don’t want to get bored of it, and I know I would. I like keeping it fresh, and as a way to express myself and be truly who I am.

You can catch Laetitia and the Prince Street Cabaret July 12 at the Armory in Somerville, Massachusetts, at a special fundraiser for AUNE’s Support Group for Ethnic and Racial Diversity/Disaster Shakti’s August trip to Haiti.