Kim Chase, MS '03

Environmental Education

Elementary Instructor,
Bronx Zoo (Wildlife Conservation Society)
Bronx, New York
Undergraduate: Studio Art, Colorado College

What have you been up to since graduating from Antioch?
I am working in education programs at the Bronx Zoo. I am in the metro program, where my focus is with pre-school to eighth grade students from all over the city, Upstate New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. I also teach a variety of special weekend programs to adults, kids, and families as well as adult ecology courses for the new education volunteers at the zoo. It is a great opportunity to get people excited about wildlife and to empower them to care about the environment.

I also design new programs and revise older ones, which requires me to be creative. Antioch encouraged me to pull from my strengths, to think outside the box, and to teach to different learning styles and intelligences. This gave me a strong foundation and prepared me well for the working world.

Did you get what you expected from the program?
I got so much more. I didn’t expect that I would grow so much on a personal level. In order to effectively teach others, I had to learn more about myself. There were also many opportunities to get involved. Students at Antioch have the ability to bring about change where they see a need.

Why does the world need you, and others like you, now?
Wild lands are being destroyed daily, new animals and plants are becoming critically endangered, and our environments are becoming altered at an accelerated pace. The world needs committed people to help save the environment and to preserve the biodiversity that still exists. Education is one of the most important ways to bring about change. It might seem like a slow method, but it is has a life changing and lasting effect.

What were some of your favorite places around Keene?
I loved Armadillo’s and Thai Garden, and Prime Roast is a great place for coffee. Check out the trails behind Antioch University New England for biking and walking.