Eric Rhomberg, MS '02

Science Teacher Certification Program

Compass School, Westminster, Vermont
Undergraduate: Biology, Colby College

What prompted you to attend graduate school? I came to Antioch at a point in my life when I was asking What’s my work in the world? What’s my purpose? I was ready to serve my community, and education was a way to do that. I had taught high school science and wanted to be certified in that area. The Antioch University New England program was tailor-made for me, with coursework in both education and environmental studies. It offered a holistic approach.

What are some of the best parts of your current career? I know that I am making a difference. There is no question of that. I connect with people every day in ways that have a meaningful impact. And most of the time it’s fun!

Why does the world need you, and others like you, now? I believe that the worldthe human worldneeds transformation. We can do better. I believe that the role of education is not to prepare students for the world as it is, but to empower students to transform the world.