Debbie Spitulnik, MEd '95

Waldorf Teacher Training Program

First Grade Teacher,
Washington Waldorf School
Bethesda, Maryland
Undergraduate: Elementary and Special Education, Syracuse University

What inspired you to attend Antioch?
I was disillusioned with the educational system I had taught in for many years. I enrolled my son in a Waldorf school and substitute taught there. It was exactly what I was looking for, a style of teaching that I believed in.

What has been your experience as a Waldorf teacher?
It has been an amazing journey for me as a teacher, for my students as individuals, and for us as a group. I love being able to see these children in all aspects of their lives. There is a wholeness to Waldorf education.

What parts of your program have proven most useful?
Everything from my Waldorf program has been applicable and useful to my teaching. I still refer to my notes and my final project. There was so much depth in the program. It was strikingly different from my undergraduate program, which was excellent in its own way. Antioch University New England provided a truly extraordinary experience.