Bob Gillespie, MA '05

Marriage and Family Therapy

Griswold Behavioral Health Center Wing
Memorial Hospital Palmer, Massachusetts
Undergraduate: BA in English and Business Administration, Vanderbilt University

What motivated you to attend graduate school?
I had been an account supervisor at an advertising agencyunhappy, overly stressed, and questioning the personal sacrifices I made for my job. The transition from advertising to family therapy has been like having a hundredpound weight lifted from my back.

What stands out about your AUNE experience?
The professors didn’t tell me what to think; instead, they taught me how to think. I learned how to deconstruct situations and to think systemicallyto see that each of us lives within a larger social, cultural, and political context that shapes how we think and interact. My extraordinary classmates were incredible teachers who expanded my perspective and brought forth valuable aspects of experience that I had previously avoided or ignored.

Why does the world need you, and others like you, now?
Each one of us suffers, and each of us benefits from compassion and caring. People who are struggling need someone with the willingness and courage to stand with them by the fire. There is no greater work than helping to relieve suffering.