Alumni Q&A

  1. Why did you choose Antioch’s Advocacy program?
    I chose this program because it has a more action oriented, community-based focus than other programs I looked at. In order to have an impact on improving our world (our environment) we need to involve our community and move them to action. Only when we work together will change be made and I felt that this program was best equipped to guide me in that effort.
  2.  What did you like most about your time in the program?
    It’s a mix of both theory and practice. We learned the background, case studies, and then with our fellow students we put these ideas to work in both the Antioch community and the wider communities we’re involved in. The program made it easy to make important connections with individuals and organizations in our field and in our interests, which have served me well since my time at Antioch.
  3.  What valuable skills do you think you learned in this program?
    One very important skill is listening to your community, learning their values and what they see as their obstacles. Only then can you grasp their struggle and fully engage with them to make change. We also learned about the spectrum of types of advocacy that can occur around any issue and that all types – from radical to conservative – are important and serve a purpose. This is something I see, and appreciate, regularly.
  4.  What is your current work and what other jobs have you had since graduation?
    I currently work with the Connecticut River Watershed Council as the Outreach & Events Director ( Since graduation, I had a brief internship with the City of Springfield, MA then began with the Watershed Council as an AmeriCorps member and was then hired on full-time. I feel lucky to have found a position with an environmental advocacy organization so quickly and that the skills and connections I made during my time at Antioch certainly helped me land a position there.
  5.  How did Antioch’s Advocacy program help you get there?
    Between the projects I did through coursework, the practicums and the Advocacy Clinic I had a solid foundation of skills and experience to draw upon with great recommendations as well. Also, while not immediately obvious, the network of Antioch alums is vast. Further, Antioch is a well-respected institute that organizations in the region know well.
  6.  Is there anything else you want to add that I didn’t ask?
    The community at Antioch & Keene made it easy to live a life aligned to my priorities of supporting local food sources and local merchants. It was such a wonderful community to be immersed in for a couple years and I really enjoyed my time there.