Our Fellsmere Park Book

The third grade classes of 2002 worked together to observe, investigate, discover and learn about the history and present uses of Fellsmere Park. Using the different seasons of the year as a focus for investigation, the third grade teachers, Ms. Rosemary Crosby, Mrs. Ellen Kee, Mrs. Emily Murphy, Mrs. Catherine Richard, and Mrs. Andrea Turner helped their students learn about the park. This book, broken into sections for each season, is the result of the student’s hard work and learning.

Below you’ll find the introduction to the book followed by the work developed for each season.

I pledge to be a Park Keeper, I will not litter, I will protect the animals and their environment. I will also recycle. I will try my best to improve and enhance Fellsmere Park.

This Park Keeper Pledge was written by the Beebe School’s 3rd grade class of 2002.

A Bug’s Tale

By geoff mihalenko

Third Grade student

A little lazy litterbug
Threw its trash right on the ground.
It didn’t mind the garbage piles
That were forming all around.

But then one day it noticed that
It’s backyard was full of oil
And wilted plants and flowers stood
In contaminated soil.

And could that be? Oh, yes it was-
Dirty water in the lake!
The litterbug could clearly see
It had made a big mistake!

Now its careless days are over.
That bug really changed its ways.
It started caring for the earth
And that’s how it spends its days!

It reuses and recycles.
Its backyard is litter-free.
What a lazy litterbug
Has become a busy bee!