Current Research Projects

Note: If you have a research project you would like added to this list, please contact us.

  • Nyungwe forest conservation: ecotourism, education, inventory and monitoring. M. Masozera, I. Munanura, F. Mulindahab, A. Plumptre, M. Sindikubwabo, B. A. Kaplin, PCFN-WCS, Rwanda.
    Email: Michel Masozera
  • Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) seed dispersal in an afromontane forest: an examination of microhabitat influences and post-dispersal seed fate. Nicole Gross-Camp and B. A. Kaplin, Antioch University New England, USA.
    Email: Nicole Gross-Camp
  • Feeding ecology and ranging of chimpanzees at high altitudes. Michel Masozera, WCS, Rwanda.
    Email: Michel Masozera
  • Enhancement of Tourism through the Conservation of Nyungwe Forest Chimpanzees. M. Masozera, WCS-Rwanda, BA Kaplin and N. Gross-Camp, Antioch University New England, USA.
    Email: Beth Kaplin
  • Ranging behavior of a group of 400 colobus monkeys. Felix Mulindahabi, M. Masozera, A. Plumptre, P. Fashing.
    Email: Michel Masozera
  • Long-term Phenological Studies and Altitudinal Gradients. BA Kaplin, Antioch University New England, USA, and M. Masozera and J.B. Gakima, PCFN-WCS, Rwanda.
    Email: Beth Kaplin
  • Regeneration of burned forest: seed rain and germination studies. BA Kaplin, M. Masozera, I. Munanura, A. Plumptre, PCFN-WCS, Rwanda.
    Email: Beth Kaplin
  • The effectiveness of buffer zones in mitigating human-wildlife conflicts
    Email: Shawn Margles

Staff Research Assistants and Naturalists

(employed by PCFN)

Bird and mammal inventory team:

Sindikubwabo Martin ; Team leader
Ntamunoza Augustin ; Team member
Nkurunziza Francois ; Team member
Hakizimana Jacques ; Team member

Botany Team:

Gakima J. Baptist ; Team leader
Nzakizwanayo Eraste ; Team member
Ndiramiye Gratien ; Team member
Kamarampaka Gratien ; Team member
Ngayabahiga Ferdinand ; Team member
Uhawenuwe Boniface ; Team member

Chimp Tracking Team:

Ngirababyeyi Venerand ; Team leader
Senyenzi Claude ; Team leader
Nzaramba Innocent ; Team leader
Ngizwenumwe Gerard ; Team leader
Mulindandwe Felicien ; Team leader
Baligomwa David ; Team leader
Musonera Felicien – Team leader