Room Scheduling Process

Room Request: Fill Out This Form to Reserve a Room
You must be an AUNE employee to reserve a room. All  room  requests,  whether  for  individual  use  or  student group  activities,  must  be  sponsored by a department,  and  faculty/staff  must  be  present  during  the  event. Requests  are  to  be  submitted  by  the  department  administrative  assistant  with  specifics  as  to  event,  faculty  sponsors,  numbers  of  attendees,  and  planned  activities.  Since  events  are  scheduled  for  only  those  evenings  we’re  open  for  classes,  the  coordinator  may  not  approve  events  that  could  be  disruptive  to  scheduled  classes. You’ll receive a confirmation in response to your room request.

Room Setup Request: Fill Out This Form to Request a Room Setup
Once you receive your room request confirmation, you will be reminded to submit a room setup form. If you need to request a room setup for a room that has already been confirmed, or if you need to send an updated room setup, resubmit the Room Setup Form.

A/V Equipment Request: Fill Out This Form to Request A/V Equipment from the Library
Read more about the library’s A/V equipment policy here.

Promote Your Event: Post Your Event to the Online Calendar
Click the green button to submit an event. Some events posted to the online calendar will be promoted on AUNE’s Facebook page. Click here to review AUNE’s official event calendar posting policy.