2006-2007 Faculty/Staff Accomplishments: Presentations

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Chase, Steve. “Moving Beyond Learned Helplessness: Activism As A Means To Heal Self, Society, and the Planet,” Keynote Speaker, Psychology-Ecology-Sustainability Conference, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR, June, 2007.

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Morris, Dottie, Wendy Elliot, and Rachel Becker-Klein. “Systemic approaches to understanding and applying racial identity development: An invitation for a conversation,” 24th Annual Teachers College Winter Roundtable on Cultural Psychology and Education, New York, NY, February 2007.

Yeskel, Felice and Morris, Dottie R. “InstituteOpening Pandora’s box: Including socio-economic class in teaching and learning about diversity and Social Justice,” Facilitator, 20th Annual National Conference on Race and ethnicity in American Higher Education, NCORE, San Francisco, CA, May 2007.

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Wessels, Tom. “From Consumption to Connection,” Inaugural Address, Unity College, Unity, ME, April 2007.

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