2005-2006 Faculty/Staff Accomplishments: Presentations

Abrash Walton, Abigail, S. Ingalls and P. Wieland. Co-Presenter, “Working Together as a Campus Community on Critical Issues of Social Justice: Practical Tools and Strategies for Grassroots Organizing,” Diversity Commission Summer Institute, Keene State College Diversity Commission, Keene, NH, May 2006.

Abrash Walton, Abigail. “Gold & Globalization: The Case of a U.S. Multinational’s Exploits in Asia’s Last Wilderness,” International Human Rights Lecture Series: “The Environment and Human Rights”, Trinity College Human Rights Program, Hartford, CT, November 2005.

Ackerman, Joy. “Different Drums: Poetics, Politics and Pilgrimage at Walden,” Annual Meeting, Association of American Geographers, Chicago, IL, March 2006.

Berner, Carol. “Slavery in New England: African-American Presence in Deerfield, 1750’s,” American Promises Teaching American History Seminar, Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Assocation, Deerfield, MA, January 2006.

Boynton, Beth. “Using Creative Dynamics to Build Communication Skills in Youth,” Workshop for substance abuse professionals, New Hampshire Institute on Training for Addictive Disorders, Concord, NH, February 2006.

Fauth, James. “How can we do a better job of training novice therapists?,” Annual meeting, American Psychological Association, Washington, D.C., August 2005.

Finser, Torin. Book tour of South Korea, with workshops and lectures, to promote the Korean translation of School As a Journey (SteinerBooks), May 2006.

Griffith, William. “The Importance of Cognitive Development in Organizational Development and Knowledge Management,” The Fifth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations, Common Ground Conferences, University of Aegean, Rhodes, Greece, July 2005.

Gruber, James. “Environmental Public Policy and Communication,” Croatian Graduate Environmental Management Studies Program, Institute Rudjer Boskovic of the University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia, July 2005.

Halikias, William. “Psychological Assessment of the Juvenile Offender: Dangerousness and Criminal Responsibility Evaluations of Children and Adolescents,” Vermont Psychological Association, Burlington, VT, November 2005.

Hawes, Susan. “Why Not Social Justice Training for Clinical Psychologists?,” International Critical Psychology Conference, International Society for Critical Psychology, Durban, South Africa, July 2005.

Hawes, Susan. “Why Not Social Justice?,” Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, American Psychological Association, Washington, D.C., August 2005.

Hoppin, Bo. “Place-based Education and Excellence in Academic Achievement,” University of Delaware Annual Meeting of Master Gardners, University of Delaware Cooperative Extension, Dover, DE, February 2006.

Hoppin, Bo. “Place-based Education Curriculum Mapping and Planning,” CO-SEED Summer Institute, Antioch’s CO-SEED Program, Crawford Notch, NH, June 2006.

Jordan, James W. “Late Quaternary Geomorphic History of the Sanak Islands, Alaska,” 32nd Annual Meeting, Alaska Anthropological Association, Anchorage, AK, March 2006.

Jordan, James W. “The Keene Basin: An Inheritance of Dynamic Geology,” Water From the Hills: A Close Look at Flooding in KeenePast, Present, and Future, Stonewall Farm and Friends of Open Space Keene, Keene, NH, May 2006.

Loman, Susan and Michelle Adams. “The KMP in Action: Applications of KMP Concepts in a Community Setting ,” 40th Annual Conference of the American Dance Therapy Association, Nashville, TN, October 2005.

Loman, Susan. “Kestenberg Movement Profile Training,” Art Therapy Italiana Training, Art Therapy Italiana, Bologna, Italy, July 2005.

Haley, J., Kevin P. Lyness, and G. R. Samuels. Co-Presenters, “Current ethical and legal dilemmas in family therapy,” Summer meeting, New Hampshire Associate for Marriage and Family Therapy, Bedford, NH, June 2006.

Lyness, Kevin P. “Family functioning, differentiation, and identity development,” Annual meeting of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, Kansas City, MO, October 2005.

Mangione, Lorraine, and S. Keady. “‘Spirits in the Night’ to ‘Meet Me at Mary’s Place’: Loss, Death, and the Transformative Power of Relationships,” Glory Days: A Bruce Springsteen Symposium, Pennsylvania State University and Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ, September 2006.

Mangione, Lorraine, Psy.D. student Karin Hodges and V. Brabender. “Group Therapist Identity Development: Student and Faculty Perspectives,” Annual Convention, American Psychological Association, Washington D.C., August 2006.

Pantesco, Victor, and Kim Fuller. “Dealing with Students with Problems in a Training Clinic,” Semi-Annual Meeting of the Directors of Psychology Training Clinics, Association of Directors of Training Clinics in Psychology, Santa Barbara, CA, March 2006.

Pantesco, Victor. “Ethical Maintenance in Professional Practice,” New Hampshire State Department of Children, Youth and Families Annual Meeting, Nashua, NH, May 2006.

Peterson, Roger L. “Cultures in education and training.,” American Psychological Association Educational Leadership Conference, Arlington, VA, September 2005.

Peterson, Roger L., and M. D. Ober,”Toward meaningful broad and general education for clinical psychologists. In F. Collins, (Chair), Broad and general training: Models and challenges for university based scientist-practitioner programs.,” Annual conference, Council of University Directors of Clinical Psychology, Tucson, AZ, January 2006.

Peyton, Lizann and Kirsten Scobie. “Building High-Performing Boards,” Esther Nighswander Leadership Forum on Governance, New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, Lakes Region, Meredith, NH, December 2005;May 2006.

Prouty Lyness, Anne M. “Playful approaches in family therapy: A discussion of narrative family play therapy,” Annual Meeting, New Hampshire Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Concord, NH, September 2005.

Linville, Deanna, Lisa Locke, and Anne Prouty Lyness. “International adoption and family therapy,” 62nd Conference American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Kansas City, MO, 2005.

Roysircar, Gargi, C. Wilczak, A. Goranson, H. Lord, and W. Vincent. “Disaster Relief: International and National Social Justice Efforts.,” Annual Winter Roundtable Conference of Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY, February 2006.

Roysircar, Gargi. “Clinical Assessment, Diagnosis, and Multicultural Guidelines,” Annual Conference of the American Psychological Association, Washington, D.C., August 2005.

Simpson, Michael, James Jordan, and Peter Throop. “Future Impact to Run-off in Keene, NH due to Projected Climate Change,” Water From The Hills: A Close Look at Flooding In Keene Past, Present and Future, Stonewall Farm, Keene, NH, May 2006.

Smith, Peter and Bruce Katcher. “Careers and Work in OD: How Can I Improve My OD Consulting Practice?,” Mass Bay OD Learning Group, Boston, MA, January 2006.

Smith, Peter, Ann Driscoll, Donna Mellen, Tad Dwyer, and Gayle Gifford. “Leadership Institute,” New England Addiction Transfer Technology Center/State Sponsored, New England Institute of Addiction Studies, Waterville Valley, NH; Hartford, CT; Portsmouth, NH; North Andover, MA, September 2005;April 2006.

Sobel, David. “Mapmaking with Children,” Public Workshop, Bellarmine Univiersity and Louisville Waldorf School, Louisville, KY, March 2006.

Sobel, David. “Place-based Education,” Public Lecture , Utah Society of Environmental Education , Salt Lake City, UT, February 2006.

Thomashow, Cindy. Commencement address, Teton Science Schools, Jackson, WY, August 2005.

Thiet, Rachel. “Seeing the forest in the seeds: can agroecosystems function like natural systems?,” Department of Plant and Soil Science, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT, October 2005.

Tremblay, George and Bindewald, Connie. “Reaching out to maltreating families,” Aaron T. Beck Institute Distinguished Presenter Series, Aaron T. Beck Institute for Cognitive Studies at Assumption College, Worcester, MA, November 2005.

Viles, Shelley. Conference Director, New Hampshire Connections 2005, Asperger Association of New England, Concord, NH, December 2005.

Ward, Susan. “Considering A Career in Environmental Education,” Williams College Department of Environmental Studies Log Lunch, Williamstown, MA, January 2006.

Ward, Susan. “Place-Based Education at Vermont Academy,” Faculty Professional Development Workshop, Vermont Academy, Saxtons River, VT, November 2005.

Wessels, Tom. “Foundational Principles for Integration,” Integrated Development Integrated Design Annual Conference, Crawford Notch, NH, October 2005.

Wessels, Tom. “Foundational Principles for Sustainable Design,” New Directions in the American Landscape, Coastal Maine Botanical garden, Waldoboro, ME, June 2006.

Willis, Carlotta. “Creative Arts Activities for Teaching Career Counseling,” National Conference, Association Counselor Education and Supervision, Pittsburgh, PA, October 2005.