2004-2005 Faculty/Staff Accomplishments: Presentations

Abrash Walton, Abigail. “Conserving Asia’s Last Wilderness: Opportunities and Challenges in West Papua,” Speakers Series, The Nature Museum, Bellows Falls, Vermont, April 2005.

Abrash Walton, Abigail. “Emerging Local Solutions and Innovative Responses from Southeast Asia,” Panelist, The Global Challenge for Human Security: Lessons on Environmental Governance from Asia, The Asia Society, New York, New York, October 2004.

Ackerman, Joy. “A Place of Pilgrimage: Alternative Geographies of Walden,” Lecture Series: Visiting Thoreau’s Walden, Concord Museum, Concord, Massachusetts, June 2004.

Ackerman, Joy. “Journey, Ritual and Stillness: The Role of Place in Pilgrimage,” Annual Meeting, Association of American Geographers, Denver, Colorado, April 2005.

Berner, Carol, L. Lawrence, and N.Olsen. “Multiple Models of Mentoring,” Mentor Panel Discussion, Southeast Vermont Community Learning Collaborative, Brattleboro,Vermont, August 2004.

Berner, Carol, T. Kaplan, and M. Macarthur. “It’s Greek to Me: Deerfield Architectural Styles House Hunt,” Teaching American History Professional Development Seminar, Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield, Massachusetts, April 2005.

Connor, Meg and Carlotta Willis. “Creative Arts Activities for Teaching Career Counseling,” Annual Conference, North Atlantic Association for Counselor Education and Supervision, Mystic, Connecticut, October 2004.

Coven, Judy. Facilitator, “Teacher Education in the Era of No Child Left Behind: Strategies to Support and Empower New Teachers,” Fall Forum, Coalition of Essential Schools, San Francisco, California, November 2004.

Coven, Judy. Facilitator, “No Child Left Behind: What’s Next?,” Spring Forum, The Coalition Center for Essential School Reform, Keene, New Hampshire, May 2005.

Dreyer Leon, Susan and Phil Grant. “Creating Cultures of Responsibility,” Fall Forum, Coalition of Essential Schools, San Francisco, California, November 2004.

Ellenhorn, Theodore, R. May, and I. Sharkeyj. “Thoughts on Termination,” Invited Panel, Local Chapter, Division 39, American Psychological Association, Amherst, Massachusetts, March 2005.

Ellenhorn, Theodore. “The Anomic in Generia: Historic Mood,” Annual Convention, American Psychological Association, Hawaii, August 2004.

Farashahi, Farshad. “Big Time GIS in Small Town Planning,” Northeast Arc Users Group, Lake Placid, New York, September 2004.

Fauth, James, S. Smith, and Psy.D. student Antoinette Mathisen. “A Naturalistic Study of the Effectiveness of Training in Time Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy for Clinical Psychology Trainees,” International Meeting, Society for Psychotherapy Research, Montreal, Canada, June 2005.

Fauth, James and Psy.D. student Antoinette Mathisen. “The Influence of Doctoral Trainees’ Emotions on the Process of Time-Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy,” International Meeting, Society for Psychotherapy Research, Montreal, Canada, June 2005.

Feurt, Christine. “The Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve, USA” Living Knowledge Conference, Science and Society, Seville, Spain, February 2005.

Feurt, Christine. “Through the Looking Glass, Understanding Barriers to Science Translation in Coastal Watershed Management,” Society for Applied Anthropology, Santa Fe, New Mexico, April 2005.

Finser, Torin. Public talks on Waldorf Education in Knoxville, Tennessee; Orange County, California; Wilton, New Hampshire; Freeport, Maine; Queeche, Vermont; Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota.

Gruber, James. “University of Zagreb, Environmental Public Policy Lecture Series,” University of Zagreb GEMS Program, Graduate Environmental Management Science, Zagreb, Croatia, June 2005.

Hawes, Susan. “Why Not Social Justice Training for Clinical Psychologists?” Annual Conference, International Critical Psychology, Durban, South Africa, June 2005.

Hawes, Susan. “Swords to Plowshares: Teaching Clinical Psychologists to do Research for Social Justice,” Annual Conference, International Society for Theoretical Psychology, Cape Town, South Africa, June 2005.

Hoppin, Bo. “Engaging Communities in Vision to Action Planning,” Leadership Institute, Adopt-A-Watershed, Bass Lake, California, July 2004.

Hoppin, Bo, Delia Clark, and David Sobel. “Strategies for Placebased Education Evaluation and Research,” Leadership Meeting, Appalachian Mountain Club, Boston, Massachusetts, June 2005.

Jeswald, Phyllis. “Embodying the Issues: Working with Individuals in Private Practice,” Spring Conference, New England Chapter of the American Dance Therapy Association, Keene, New Hampshire, April 2005.

Jordan, James, B. Finney, N. Misarti, D. Odorczuk, and H. Maschner. “Paleoecology of the Sanak Archipelago, Southwest Alaska,” 70th Annual Meeting, Society for American Archaeology, Salt Lake City, Utah, April 2005.

Jordan, James, B. Finney, and H. Maschner. “Late Quaternary History of the Sanak Islands, Alaska,” 32nd Annual Meeting, Alaska Anthropological Association, Anchorage, Alaska, March 2005.

Kissin, Miriam, and A. St. Hilaire. “Tewksbury Hospital Forensic Population Data: Historical Trends and Future Directions for Working with Forensic Patients,” Grand Rounds, Tewksbury, Massachusetts, June 2005.

Kurinksy, Diane. “Brief Approaches to Addictions Treatment,” New England School for Addictions Studies, New England Institute for Addictions, Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, Massachusetts, June 2005.

Loman, Susan and M. Sossin. “The Kestenberg Movement Profile (KMP) as a Tool for Research in Dance/Movement Therapy,” 39th Annual Conference, American Dance Therapy Association, New Orleans, Louisiana, October 2004.

Loman, Susan. “The Kestenberg Movement Profile in Action: Clinical Applications of KMP Concepts with Young Children,” Spring Conference, New England Chapter, American Dance Therapy Association, Keene, New Hampshire, April 2005.

Long, Janie. “Voices of the Past and the Future: Women in Family Therapy,” International Conference on Family Therapy: Politics, Community, and Clinical Practice, International Family Therapy Academy, Washington, D.C., June 2005.

Long, Janie and B.V. Andrews. “Increasing Supervisee Competency in Working with Sexual Minority Clients: Utilizing The Sexual Orientation Matrix for Supervision,” International Interdisciplinary Conference on Clinical Supervision, Buffalo, New York, June 2005.

Lyness, Kevin. “Utilizing Attachment Theory in Family Therapy Across the Lifespan,” Annual Meeting, Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council, Keystone, Colorado, October 2004.

Lyness, Kevin. “Parent and Child Perceptions of Risk and Protective Factors,” Poster Presentation, Annual Meeting, American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, Atlanta, Georgia, September 2004. Maltz, Alesia, P. Dembicer, M.C. Eveleth, I. Reed, and M. Sielman. “Textures and Textiles: Women’s Work,” Art Show, Gallery on the Green, Canton, Connecticut, June 2005.

Mangione, Lorraine and R. Forti. “Ethics and Endings,” Annual Meeting, LICSW-American Group Psychotherapy Association, New York, New York, March 2005.

Mangione, Lorraine, Kathi Borden, Victor Pantesco, and Psy.D. students Deb Bergeron, Karin Hodges, Gina Pasquale, and Samantha Rukert. “The Power of Group Interventions: Student and Supervisor Perspectives on Group Therapy in a Training Clinic,” Panel Presentation, Annual Meeting, New England Psychological Association, Providence, Rhode Island, October 2004.

Meissner, Hanns. “From Novice to Master Manager,” Leadership Training Summit, New York State Rehabilitation Association, Albany, New York, September 2004.

Pantesco, Victor. “Difficult Confrontations: An Important Dimension in Ethical Practice. A Cultural and Strategic Model,” Annual Meeting, New Hampshire Psychological Association, Manchester, New Hampshire, May 2005.

Pantesco, Victor. “Psychology and the Environmental Question: Reflections on Silence, Denial, and Pathways to Extinction,” Doctoral Program in Environmental Studies, Keene, New Hampshire, April 2005.

Peterson, Roger L. Keynote address: “Half-Time Internships: Reconsidering Assumptions,” Conference: The Half-Time Internship: Coming into the Mainstream, Berkeley, California, April 2005.

Prouty Lyness, Anne. “Scaffolding the MFT Student Supervision Experience,” Fall 2004 MFT Supervisors’ Day, Antioch University New England Marriage and Family Therapy Program, Keene, New Hampshire, October 2004.

Roysircar, Gargi, and Psy.D. students Michelle Hagan, Frankie Plymale, Catherine Iacuzzi, and Josefina Irigoyen. “Mentoring Language Minority Individuals tThrough Community Outreach,” Cross-Cultural Winter Roundtable, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, New York, February 2005.

Roysircar, Gargi. “Feminist Perspectives in International Psychology- Building Partnerships and Creative Solutions,” Annual Conference, American Psychological Association, Honolulu, Hawaii, August 2004.

Taylor, Fred, Rowland Russell, and D. Strauss. “Teaching Paradox through Environmental Literature,” Sixth Biennial Conference: Being in the World, Living with the Land, Association for the Study of Literature and Environment, Eugene, Oregon, June 2005.

Simpson, Michael. “Waste Management Platforms and Institutional Governance,” Waste: The Social Context, Waste Management Initiative; University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, May 2005.

Simpson, Michael. “Scavengers and Waste Pickers in the Modernization of Waste Management Systems in the South,” Waste: The Social Context, Waste Management Initiative: University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, May 2005.

Smith, Peter. “Organization and Development Consulting Skills,” Professional Development Workshop, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, November 2004.

Sobel, David. “Preserving the Nature of Childhood, Place-based Education and Children and Nature Design Principles,” Southwest Waldorf Teacher’s Conference, Shining Mountain Waldorf School, Boulder, Colorado, February 2005.

Sobel, David. “Learning from the Land,” Keynote Lecture and Consultant, Learning Grounds Program, Evergreen Foundation, Toronto, Ontario, November 2004.

Thomas, Laura. “The Gift of Resistance,” Fall Forum, Coalition of Essential Schools, San Fransisco, California, November 2004.

Thomas, Laura. “Resistance to Change,” School Conference, Clear Creek Independent School District, Clear Creek, Texas, June 2005.

Tomey, Edward. “Cross-Cultural Strategic Planning,” Joint Board and Senior Staff Conference, Vermont Center for the Deaf and Hard-of- Hearing, Brattleboro, Vermont, September 2004.

Wessels, Tom. “Reading the Forested Landscape,” Winter Symposium, Chicago Botanical Garden, Chicago, Illinois, February 2005.

Wessels, Tom. “The Mythology of Progress,” Annual Meeting, Garden Club of America, Boylston, Massachusetts, May 2005.

Willis, Carlotta, I. Alvarado, A. Geroski, and D. Erikson. Facilitator, “Counselor Education in Context: Puerto Rico, New England, Australia, New Zealand,” Annual Conference, North Atlantic Association for Counselor Education and Supervision, Mystic, Connecticut, October 2004.

Willis, Carlotta. “Dance-Movement Therapy: Una Introduccion,” Multicultural Exchange Program, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Rio Pierdas Campus, March 2005.