2009-2010 Faculty/Staff Accomplishments: Leadership Roles in Professional & Civic Organizations

Abrash Walton, Abigail. Vice Chair, City of Keene Planning Board, Keene, NH, January 2010–December 2010.

Abrash Walton, Abigail. Member, City of Keene Ad Hoc Solid Waste Committee, Keene, NH, October 2009–February 2010.

Abrash Walton, Abigail. Member, City of Keene Community Master Planning Steering Committee, Keene, NH, July 2009–June 2010.

Abrash Walton, Abigail. Member, NH State Task Force on Citizen-Funded Elections, Concord, NH, November 2009–November 2010.

Auer, Arthur. Chairman, Board of Trustees, Center for Anthroposophy, Wilton, NH, July 2009–July 2010.

Bocko, Paul. Curriculum Coordinator, Massachusetts School Union #28 – Erving, Leverett, Shutesbury, Wendell-New Salem, Erving, MA, August 2009–Present.

Calhoun, Jack. Chair, Board of Trustees, Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music, Nelson, NH, December 2009–December 2011.

Calhoun, Jack. Chair, School Board, Harrisville, NH, March 2009–March 2011.

Chandler, Polly. Lead Ambassador, New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility, Concord, NH, January 2009–December 2009.

Chase, Steve. Co-Founder, Transition Keene Organizing Committee, Keene, NH, January 2010–Present.

Dreyer Leon, Susan. Member, Board of Directors, QED Foundation, Amherst, NH, January 2009–Present.

Dreyer Leon, Susan. Secretary, Springfield Vermont School Board Strategic Planning Committee, Springfield, VT, January 2009–June 2009.

Fiderio, Jan. Marketing Committee Member, Monadnock Community Market (A local food co-op expected to open in 2012), Keene, September 2009–Present.

Jeswald, Phyllis. Vice President, Board of Trustees, Franklin County Community Meals Program, Greenfield, Massachusetts, January 2009–Present.

Julius, Thomas. Board Member, Vice Chairman, Surry Village Charter School, Surry, NH, June 2009–June 2010.

Loman, Susan. Editorial Board, The Arts in Psychotherapy Journal, 1996–Present.

Lyness, Kevin. Commissioner, Commission on the Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education, January 2010–December 2012.

Lyness, Kevin. Secretary, Board of Directors, New Hampshire Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, January 2006–December 2009.

Mangione, Lorraine. Member, Psychology Internship Tool-kit Development Committee, National Council of Schools and Programs in Professional Psychology, Spring, 2009–Present.

Peterson, Roger. Associate Chair for Quality Assurance, Commission on Accreditation, American Psychological Association, Washington, DC, January 2009–December 2009.

Peterson, Roger. Associate Editor, Training and Education in Professional Psychology (journal), Washington, DC.

Roysircar, Gargi. Editor, Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development, 2004 – 2011.

Smeltz, Margaret. Co-Chair, Biennial Quilt Show “Fall for Quilts” (with Cary Jardine), Cheshire Quilters’ Guild, Keene, New Hampshire, October 2009.

Thiet, Rachel. Board Member and 12th Biennial Conference Co-Coordinator, International Soil Ecology Society, Burlington, VT, July 2009–Present.

Thiet, Rachel. Co-Coordinator and Facilitator, Toward Learner-Centered Soil Ecology Education: Integrating Research and Experiential Activities into Teaching Soils, International Soil Ecology Society, Burlington, VT, July 2000–July 2009.

Thomas, Laura. Professional Learning Events Work Group, School Reform Initiative, Cambridge, MA, January 2010–Present.

Thomas, Laura. Co-President, New Hampshire Staff Development Council, New Hampshire, July 2009–June 2011.

Tickner, Stephanie. Vice Chair, Marlow School Board, Marlow, NH, March 2007–March 2010.

Tickner, Stephanie. Secretary, John D. Perkins, Sr. Elementary School PTA, Marlow, NH, September 2003–June 2010.

Todd, Rebecca. Director, New Hampshire State Board, Conservation Law Foundation, Concord NH, February 2009–Present.

Todd, Rebecca. Faculty Administrative Fellow, Antioch University New England, Keene NH, August 2009–August 2011.

Wessels, Tom. Board Member, The Center for Whole Communities, Fayeston, VT, July 2009–June 2010.

Wiley, Sean. Chair, Campaign Communications Committee, Monadnock United Way, Keene, NH, March 2009–Present.