2008-2009 Faculty/Staff Accomplishments: Leadership Roles in Professional & Civic Organizations

Abrash Walton, Abigail. Member, City of Keene Master Planning Steering Committee, Keene, NH, July 2008; June 2009.

Abrash Walton, Abigail. Commissioner, New Hampshire Commission to Study the Feasibility of Public Financing of Elections, Concord, NH, August 2008;December 2008.

Auer, Arthur F. Chairman, Center for Anthroposophy, Wilton, NH, July 2008;June 2009.

Borden, Kathi A. Consulting Editor, Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 2006;present.

Borden, Kathi A. Editorial Board, Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 1994;present.

Calhoun, Jack. Chair, Harrisville School Board, Harrisville, NH, March 2002;March 2009.

Calhoun, Jack. Board Member and Past President, Monadnock Conservancy, Keene, NH, September 2008;August 2009

Caruso, David. Board of Directors, New Hampshire College and University Council, December 2006;present.

Caruso, David. Board of Directors, Campus Compact for New Hampshire, September 2006;present.

Chandler, Polly. Lead Ambassador for NHBSR Ambassadors Program, New Hampshire Business for Social Responsibility, Concord, NH, July 2008;July 2010.

Chase, David. Ambassador, New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility, Lakes Region, NH, September 2008;June 2009.

Chase, David. Advisory Council, Hubbard Brook Research Foundation, Hanover, NH, July 2008;June 2009.

Chase, Steve. Board Member, Treasurer, Advocates for Community Empowerment, Keene, NH, May 2007;present.

Chase, Steve. Co-Chair, Monandnock Pachamama Alliance, Keene, NH, January 2009;present.

Curtin, Charles. Co-Chair Meeting of Middle Eastern Conservationists, Quebec-Labrador Foundation, Kas, Turkey, October 2008.

Dreyer Leon, Susan. Board Member, QED Foundation, Amherst, NH, January 2008;present.

Eppig, Peter. Planning Board, Town of Bennington, Bennington, NH, July 2008;June 2009.

Fauth, James. Editorial Board, Psychotherapy: Theory, Research Practice, Training; Psychotherapy Research; and Training and Education in Professional Psychology, July 2009;present.

Fauth, James. Member, NH Mental Health Council, Concord, NH, March 2009;present.

Gentile, Susan. Member, New Hampshire Department of Education GeoScience Committee, Concord, NH, January 2009;present.

Gentile, Susan. Board Member and Managing Editor, Whole Terrain, Keene, NH, August 2008;present.

Hoppin, Bo. Leadership Team Member, No Child Left Inside Coalition, Washington DC, January 2008;present.

Hoppin, Bo. Board of Directors Member, Thompson Together Inc., Thompson, CT, January 2008;present.

Howard, Susan. Board of Directors-At-Large Representative, National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, Washington, DC, August 2008;July 2011.

Jordan, James W. Board of Advisors, The Nature Museum, Grafton, VT, June 2008;June 2009.

Jordan, James W. Board of Advisors, Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association, Westminster West, VT, June 2008;June 2009.

Julius, Tom. Board Member, Surry Village Charter School, Surry, NH, January 2009;December 2009.

Karlan, Jimmy. Board of Directors, ALANA, Brattleboro, VT, ongoing.

LaBrusciano, Ron. Board of Directors, KidsPLAYce, Brattleboro, VT, January 1995;March 2009.

Loman, Susan. Editorial Board, Arts in Psychotherapy Journal, ongoing.

Lyness, Kevin P. Secretary, Board of Directors, New Hampshire Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, NH, January 2006;December 2010.

Lyness, Kevin P. Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy, December 1999;present.

Morton, Vicky L. Member, City of Keene, Planning Department, Keene, NH, January 2009;present.

Morton, Vicky L. Member, Planning Board, Development Standards Committee, City of Keene, Planning Department, Keene, NH, 2009.

Peterson, Roger L. Associate Chair for Quality Assurance, APA Commission of Accreditation, Washington, DC, January 2009;December 2009.

Peterson, Roger L. Associate Editor, Training and Education in Professional Psychology, Journal of the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers, 2007;2012.

Roysircar, Gargi. Chair, City of Keene Martin Luther King, Jr./Jonathan Daniels Committee, Keene, NH, March 2006; January 2009.

Roysircar, Gargi. Editor, Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development, Alexandria, VA, July 2004;July 2010.

Simpson, Michael H. Board Member, Liberian Environmental Assistance Fund, Boston, MA, July 2008;June 2010.

Simpson, Michael H. President, Board of Directors, New Hampshire Association of Natural Wetlands Scientists, Pittsfield, NH, February 2008;January 2009.

Simpson, Michael H. Board Member, Chair of Project Technical Review Committee, NH Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership, Bedford, NH, 2008.

Tickner, Stephanie. Vice Chair, School Board, Marlow, NH, March 2007;March 2009.

Tickner, Stephanie. Secretary, John D. Perkins, Sr. School PTA, Marlow, NH, September 2003;June 2009.

Viles, Shelley. Board of Directors and NH Chapter Director, Asperger’s Association of New England, Watertown, MA, July 2008;June 2009.

Viles, Shelley. Member, New Hampshire Autism Council- Education Committee, Concord, NH, November 2008; June 2009.

Wessels, Tom. Trustee, The Center for Whole Communities, Fayeston, VT, July 2008;June 2009.

Wiley, Sean. Chair, Campaign Communications Committee, Monadnock United Way, Keene, NH, September 2006;present.