2005-2006 Faculty/Staff Accomplishments: Leadership Roles in Professional & Civic Organizations

Abrash Walton, Abigail. Board of Directors, Monadnock Community Radio Project, Keene, NH, May 2006;present.

Abrash Walton, Abigail. Chair and Coordinator, AUNE Social Justice Audit, AUNE Social Justice Committee, Keene, NH, April 2005;present.

Arbietman, David. Director of Intern Training, Carson Center for Human Services, Westfield, MA, July 2005;July 2006.

Berner, Carol. Board of Directors, The Teacher’s Loft, Holyoke, MA, January, 2005;present.

Fitzgerald, Liz. Vice-President and Board Member, Friends of Music at Guilford, Guilford, VT, July 2005;June 2006.

Hoppin, Bo. Chair of the Board, New Hampshire Project Learning Tree, Concord, NH, January 2006;present.

Hoppin, Bo. Facilitator, Pilot School Exploration Process, Dearborn Middle School, Boston, MA, January 2006;June 2006.

Howard, Susan. President, Eastern Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, May 2005;May 2006.

Jeswald, Phyllis. Board of Directors, Franklin County Community Meals Program, Greenfield, MA, 2002;present.

Jordan, James. Board of Advisors, The Nature Museum at Grafton, Grafton, VT, July 2005;June 2006

Jordan, James. Board of Advisors, Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association, Westminster West, VT, July 2005;June 2006.

Julius, Tom. Boardmember, Surry Village Charter School, Surry, NH, May 2006;present.

King, Neal. Board of Directors, Campus Compact for New Hampshire, Concord, NH, May 2005;present.

King, Neal. Member, Advisory Board, Friends of Center City, Keene, NH, September 2005;present.

LaBrusciano, Ron. Board of Directors, KidsPLAYce, Brattleboro, VT, 1996;present.

LaBrusciano, Ron. Board of Trustees, Marlboro Historical Society, Marlboro, VT, 2001;present.

Loman, Susan. Editorial Board, The Arts in Psychotherapy Journal, 1996;present.

Lyness, Kevin. Secretary, Board of Directors, New Hampshire Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, January 2005;present.

Mangione, Lorraine. Steering Committee, Annual Conference, Massachusetts Psychological Association, Wellesley, MA, October 2005;April 2006.

Palmiotto, Peter. Co-Director, Center for Tropical Ecology and Conservation, Antioch University New England, Keene, NH, July 2006;present.

Peterson, Roger. Associate Editor, Training and Education in Professional Psychology, Washington, D.C., 2006;present.

Peyton, Lizann. Board Co-Chair, Rugmark USA, Washington, D.C., April 2004;June 2006.

Prouty Lyness, Anne M. Elections Council Member, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, January 2004;August 2006.

Roysircar, Gargi. Editor, Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development, AUNE Multicultural Center, Keene, NH, July 2004;present.

Roysircar, Gargi. Founding Director, AUNE Multicultural Center for Research and Practice, Keene, NH, July 2004;present.

Simpson, Michael. Board Member & Chair of Project Technical Review Committee, New Hampshire Corporate Wetlands Partnership, Concord, NH, January 2006;present.

Simpson, Michael. President of Board, New Hampshire Association of Natural Resource Scientists, Concord, NH, February 2006;present.

Smith, Peter. Advisory Board Member, TDS Telecom, North Anson, ME, July 2005;June 2006.

Smith, Peter. Co-Chair of Outdoor Center Improvement Committee, Town of Carrabassett Valley, Carrabassett, ME, July 2005;June 2006.

Thomashow, Cynthia. Director of CEEonline, Center for Environmental Education, Keene, NH, July 1998;present.

Tickner, Stephanie. Board Member, Marlow School Board, Marlow, New Hampshire, March 2001;present.

Tickner, Stephanie. Secretary, John D. Perkins Elementary School P.T.A., Marlow, NH, September 2003;present.

Tremblay, George. Corporate Secretary, Troy Redevelopment Group, LLC, Troy, NH.

Tremblay, George. Founding Partner, Program Evaluation and Educational Research Associates, Inc., Richmond, VT.

Viles, Shelley. Co-Director of NH State Chapter, Asperger’s Association of New England, NH, July 2005;present.

Wessels, Tom. Trustee, Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation, Belfast, ME, July 2005;June 2006.

Wiley, Sean. Member, Campaign Communications Committee, Monadnock United Way 2002;present.

Willis, Carlotta. Member, Globalization and Internationalization Task Force, North Atlantic Association of Counselor Education and Supervision, July 2005;July 2006.