2005-2006 Faculty/Staff Accomplishments: Leadership Roles in Professional & Civic Organizations

Abrash Walton, Abigail. Board of Directors, Monadnock Community Radio Project, Keene, NH, May 2006–present.

Abrash Walton, Abigail. Chair and Coordinator, AUNE Social Justice Audit, AUNE Social Justice Committee, Keene, NH, April 2005–present.

Arbietman, David. Director of Intern Training, Carson Center for Human Services, Westfield, MA, July 2005–July 2006.

Berner, Carol. Board of Directors, The Teacher’s Loft, Holyoke, MA, January, 2005–present.

Fitzgerald, Liz. Vice-President and Board Member, Friends of Music at Guilford, Guilford, VT, July 2005–June 2006.

Hoppin, Bo. Chair of the Board, New Hampshire Project Learning Tree, Concord, NH, January 2006–present.

Hoppin, Bo. Facilitator, Pilot School Exploration Process, Dearborn Middle School, Boston, MA, January 2006–June 2006.

Howard, Susan. President, Eastern Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, May 2005–May 2006.

Jeswald, Phyllis. Board of Directors, Franklin County Community Meals Program, Greenfield, MA, 2002–present.

Jordan, James. Board of Advisors, The Nature Museum at Grafton, Grafton, VT, July 2005–June 2006

Jordan, James. Board of Advisors, Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association, Westminster West, VT, July 2005–June 2006.

Julius, Tom. Boardmember, Surry Village Charter School, Surry, NH, May 2006–present.

King, Neal. Board of Directors, Campus Compact for New Hampshire, Concord, NH, May 2005–present.

King, Neal. Member, Advisory Board, Friends of Center City, Keene, NH, September 2005–present.

LaBrusciano, Ron. Board of Directors, KidsPLAYce, Brattleboro, VT, 1996–present.

LaBrusciano, Ron. Board of Trustees, Marlboro Historical Society, Marlboro, VT, 2001–present.

Loman, Susan. Editorial Board, The Arts in Psychotherapy Journal, 1996–present.

Lyness, Kevin. Secretary, Board of Directors, New Hampshire Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, January 2005–present.

Mangione, Lorraine. Steering Committee, Annual Conference, Massachusetts Psychological Association, Wellesley, MA, October 2005–April 2006.

Palmiotto, Peter. Co-Director, Center for Tropical Ecology and Conservation, Antioch University New England, Keene, NH, July 2006–present.

Peterson, Roger. Associate Editor, Training and Education in Professional Psychology, Washington, D.C., 2006–present.

Peyton, Lizann. Board Co-Chair, Rugmark USA, Washington, D.C., April 2004–June 2006.

Prouty Lyness, Anne M. Elections Council Member, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, January 2004–August 2006.

Roysircar, Gargi. Editor, Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development, AUNE Multicultural Center, Keene, NH, July 2004–present.

Roysircar, Gargi. Founding Director, AUNE Multicultural Center for Research and Practice, Keene, NH, July 2004–present.

Simpson, Michael. Board Member & Chair of Project Technical Review Committee, New Hampshire Corporate Wetlands Partnership, Concord, NH, January 2006–present.

Simpson, Michael. President of Board, New Hampshire Association of Natural Resource Scientists, Concord, NH, February 2006–present.

Smith, Peter. Advisory Board Member, TDS Telecom, North Anson, ME, July 2005–June 2006.

Smith, Peter. Co-Chair of Outdoor Center Improvement Committee, Town of Carrabassett Valley, Carrabassett, ME, July 2005–June 2006.

Thomashow, Cynthia. Director of CEEonline, Center for Environmental Education, Keene, NH, July 1998–present.

Tickner, Stephanie. Board Member, Marlow School Board, Marlow, New Hampshire, March 2001–present.

Tickner, Stephanie. Secretary, John D. Perkins Elementary School P.T.A., Marlow, NH, September 2003–present.

Tremblay, George. Corporate Secretary, Troy Redevelopment Group, LLC, Troy, NH.

Tremblay, George. Founding Partner, Program Evaluation and Educational Research Associates, Inc., Richmond, VT.

Viles, Shelley. Co-Director of NH State Chapter, Asperger’s Association of New England, NH, July 2005–present.

Wessels, Tom. Trustee, Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation, Belfast, ME, July 2005–June 2006.

Wiley, Sean. Member, Campaign Communications Committee, Monadnock United Way 2002–present.

Willis, Carlotta. Member, Globalization and Internationalization Task Force, North Atlantic Association of Counselor Education and Supervision, July 2005–July 2006.