2008-2009 Faculty/Staff Accomplishments: Consultations

Abrash Walton, Abigail. Planning Board, City of Keene, NH, July 2008;June 2009.

Bocko, Paul. Social Curriculum, Surry Village Charter School, Surry, NH, July 2008;September 2008.

Borden, Kathi. Consultant, Various Universities and Professional Schools, ongoing.

Bourassa, Michele, Lyedie Geer, and David Chase. Consultants, Monadnock Center for Successful Transitions, Keene, NH, January 2009;April 2009.

Chase, David. Consultant, Chocorua Lake Conservation Foundation & Association, Chocorua, NH, 2007;2008.

Chase, David, Michael Duffin, and Julia Washburn. Consultants, American Rivers, Washington, DC, November 2007; December 2008.

Curtin, Charles. Workshop Organizer/Chair, QLF Middle East ProgramMeeting of Middle East Conservationists, Kas, Turkey, October 2008.

Dreyer Leon, Susan. Consultant, Westminster Schools, Westminster, VT.

Eppig, Peter. Critical Skills Training, Environmental Charter High School, Los Angeles, CA, March 2009.

Eppig, Peter. Critical Skills Institute, Somerset County Public Schools, Princess Anne, MD, June 2009.

Griffith, Bill. Consultant, Pro Bono School Consults for underserved children/families, ongoing.

Hoppin, Bo. Facilitator, Boston Youth Environmental Network – K12 Environmental Education, Boston, MA, January 2009;December 2009.

Hoppin, Bo. Consultant, Boston Nature Center, Boston, MA, January 2009;December 2009.

Kaplin, Beth. Technical Advisor, MacArthur Foundation 3-year renewal grant to the Biology Dept, National University of Rwanda, Butare, Rwanda, January 2009;December 2011.

McCann, Libby. Peer Alliance for Gender Equity (PAGE) Program for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Education. Colloquium Member, Minnesota Science Museum, St. Paul, MN, December 2008;June 2009.

Mellen, Donna and Edward Tomey. Consultant, Unitarian Universalist Society of Greater Springfield, Springfield, MA, June 2008;November 2008.

Miller, Jane. Consultant, The Country Corners Project, Hancock, NH, October 2007;October 2009.

Miller, Jane. Consultant, Neighborhood Schoolhouse, Brattleboro, VT, November 2008;May 2008.

Roysircar, Gargi. Trainer, American Red Cross Workshops in Self-Care and Resilience, Gulfport, Hattiiesburg, East Biloxi, MS, April 2008;January 2009.

Roysircar, Gargi. Consulted with the translation of test instruments in Icelandic language, Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology, Muncie, IN, September 2008;February 2009.

Saunders, Carol D. et al. Consultant, Project: “Girls Energy Conservation Corps” Organization: TERC, Cambridge, MA, February 2009;December 2009.

Saunders, Carol D. and others on National Advisory Committee. Consultant, The Ocean Project: America & the Ocean. Public opinion research, Providence, RI, July 2008;December 2009.

Simpson, Michael, Jeffrey Littleton, Sean Sweeny, and Craig Oshkello. Researchers, City of Keene, NH, June 2008; October 2008.

Smith, Peter. Consultant, Jackson Grammar School, Jackson, NH, November 2008;May 2009.

Smith, Peter. Consultant, Western Maine Community Action, Wilton, ME, September 2008;May 2009.

Sobel, David. Consultant, Wheeler School, Providence, RI and Christchurch School, Urbanna, VA, August 2008.

Sobel, David. Consultant, Chicago Children’s Museum, Chicago, IL, March 2009.

Thiet, Rachel. Consultant, Educational Testing Service Advanced Placement in Environmental Science, Lincoln, NE, June 2009.